About PSPI

IEEE PES Power System Planning & Implementation (PSPI) Committee

      •  Chair: M. L. Chan, ML Consulting. Email:
      •  Vice Chair (also TCPC & Webmaster): Fangxing (Fran) Li, University of Tennessee at Knoxville. Email:

 Mission Statement: 

The Power System Planning & Implementation Committee investigates issues relating to forecasting, decision-making, finance, economics, and environment as applied to planning and justification of new generation, transmission, distribution, and customer-side programs and policies, and engineering applied methods and practices required to assure systems are implemented as projected.  It also initiates and coordinates studies, symposia, panel discussions and tutorials related to the subjects.

 The Committee operates through six Working Groups:

Conventional and Renewable Energy Supply Planning

– Chair: Joseph Yan, Southern California Edison; Secretary: Amy Li, Southern California Edison

Transmission System Planning

– Chair: Michael Henderson, ISO-New England

Modern and Future Distribution System Planing

– Chair: Luis (Nando) Ochoa, The Univ. of Manchester;Vice Chair: Chris Punt, Xcel Energy; Secretary: Larry Trussel, DNV GL

Integrated Intelligent Customer System Planning

– Chair: Hiroshi Asano, CREPI, Japan; Vice Chair: Omar Siddiqui, EPRI

Asset Management

– Chair: Tony McGrail, Doble Engineering

Energy Forecasting

– Chair:Tao Hong, SAS; Vice Chair: Shu Fan, Monash University, Australia

Assessment of Power System Flexibility

– Chair:Eamonn Lannoye, EPRI International; Vice Chair: Harjeet Johal, GE Energy Consulting

 The Committee also has the following officers:

Wenyuna Li, BC Hydro / Chongqing Univ., Chair of the Awards subcommittee

Ron Chu, PECO Energy/EXELON Corp, member of the PES Fellow committee

Anil Pahwa, Kansas State University, Past Vice Chair of PSPI