PES Technical Committees

There is a PES technical committee for most aspects of the electric power industry. These committees play an integral role in the development of IEEE Standards and have a major impact within the industry.   The PES Committee structure was reorganized in 2016 – you can view information regarding this change by reviewing the PES Technical Committee Reorganization summary page.

Follow the links below to learn more about a specific committee or subcommittee.

Technical Committees and their Subcommittees

  1. Analytic Methods for Power Systems (AMPS)
    • Computing and Analytical Methods Subcommittee
    • Distribution System Analysis Subcommittee
    • Intelligent Systems Applications Subcommittee
    • Reliability, Risk and Probability Applications Subcommittee
    • System Economics Subcommittee
  2. Electric Machinery
  3. Energy Development & Power Generation (EDPG)
    • Hydroelectric Power Subcommittee
    • International Practices Subcommittee
  4. Energy Storage & Stationary Battery
  5. Insulated Conductors
  6. Nuclear Power Engineering
  7. Power System Communications & Cybersecurity
  8. Power System Dynamic Performance
  9. Power System Instrumentation and Measurements
  10. Power System Operations, Planning & Economics
    • Power System Operations
    • Power System Planning & Implementation
  11. Power System Relaying and Control
  12. Smart Buildings, Loads and Customer Systems
  13. Substations
  14. Surge Protective Devices
  15. Switchgear
  16. Transformers
    • Bushing Subcommittee
    • Dielectric Tests Subcommittee
    • Distribution Transformers Subcommittee
    • Dry-Type Transformers Subcommittee
    • HVDC Converters Transformers and Smoothing Reactors Subcommittee
    • Insulation Life Subcommittee
    • Performance Characteristics Subcommittee
    • UG Transformers and Network Protectors Subcommittee
  17. Transmission & Distribution
    • Capacitor Subcommittee
    • Distribution Subcommittee