IEEE Smart Grid Brings Back Cybersecurity Workshop

First held in 2017, the IEEE Smart Grid Cybersecurity Workshop is truly a one of a kind event where industry experts come together to address the cybersecurity challenges facing the power grid. In 2017, over 20 experts lead the discussions and the results have been published in an IEEE Whitepaper. One of the main goals in these discussions was to advance the issues, discuss related standards, gain an understanding of the challenges and review potential solutions for power grid cyber and physical security. The main topics addressed in the 2017 workshop were:

  • Overview of the Security Situation/Risk
  • Cybersecurity—Best Practices
  • Physical Security & Supply Chain—Best Practices and Standards
  • Security Conscious Software Development
  • Policy Issues
  • Academic Research.

This year’s event is once again colocated along side the NERC-CIP committee meetings and, for the first time, will include The Smart Grid Cybersecurity Village, a combination vendor exhibition and Red Team/Blue Team Exercise.  From practitioners and engineers to regulators and vendors, this fast-paced workshop has something for everyone. The purpose of this annual Workshop is to:

  • offer a forum for networking and sharing the latest information on management practices, risks, mitigation strategies, and technologies;
  • provide a benchmarking mechanism to assess and call attention to the progress the industry is making; and
  • explore the best path forward in all topic areas and identify security hurdles limiting the transition to a safer, greener, more resilient power grid.

Full Workshop Website: