Administrative (A0)


  1. Planning and coordinating the activities of the Main Committee and each subcommittee.
  2. Overseeing the development and approval of the Committee’s Communications.
  3. Overseeing the nomination and presenting of awards.
  4. Planning, coordinating and sponsoring technical sessions and special technical conferences in the field(s) related to the Committee’s approved scope.
  5. Managing the scope of the Committee.
    • Reviewing the approved scope at least annually or when any proposed changes are submitted to the Administrative Subcommittee.
    • Submitting approved changes in scope to the Main Committee for a majority vote.
    • Submitting the Main Committee’s approved changes in scope to the Power and Energy Society (PES) Organization and Procedures Committee for review and to the PES Technical Council (TC) for final approval.
  6. Overseeing the Committee’s compliance with these Organization and Procedures.
  7. Appointing the Committee Officers and other positions as needed.
  8. Reviewing and affirming the:
    • Chair’s appointments to membership of the Main Committee as needed.
    • Main Committee membership annually.
    • Chair’s designation of Emeritus Members as needed.