The University Education Activities Subcommittee works to promote and improve electric power and energy engineering and technology education in universities.  Included in the subcommittee’s activities areto conduct a survey, in even years if not more often, of the electric power and energy engineering educational resources at universities, summarize and disseminate the results.


Seek to improve electric power and energy engineering education at the university level by promoting and disseminating innovative teaching methods and materials, identifying changing industry educational requirements, developing model curricula, collecting and publishing data on faculty and laboratory resources available at colleges and universities and other such activities.


Include regular resource assessments (e.g., faculty, laboratories, etc.), assessing power industry requirements that impact electric power and energy engineering education, model university curriculum development, promotion of innovative teaching methods and aids, encouraging faculty professional development, sponsoring technical monographs suitable for classroom use, and coordinate PEEC web resources.

Current Officers

S. M. Muyeen
Department of Electrical Engneering
Qatar University
Doha, 2713, Qatar
Vice Chair
Anamika Dubey
School of Electrical Eng. and Computer Science
Washington State University
Pullman, WA 99163, USA
Luke Dosiek
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Union College,
Schenectady, NY 12308 USA
Past Chair
Y. Christine Chen
Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering
The University of British Columbia
4101-2332 Main Mall, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4, Canada

Working Groups: 

Currently, the following working groups are active under the supervision of PEEC University Education Activities subcommittee:

  • WG on Educational Resources

Scope: To maintain a database of educational resources at universities.

This working group offers internet-based survey every two years. It is offered through a PES web site. It is designed to provide information about Power programs to parents, students, and industry. Working group prepares a report summarizing the findings of the survey and publishes it on a PES web site. A paper capturing the trend over the years is also under the scope of this WG.

  • WG on the PEEC Website

Scope: To maintain the website for PEEC and make information available to all PES members on PEEC issues.  This includes links to other web resources. 

  • WG on the Power Globe Listserve

Scope: To maintain the Power Globe Listserve and supervise its operation. 

  • WG on Repository of Online Resources for Power Courses

Scope: To maintain a catalogue of online resources for power courses. Please see the website:

Past Meetings: