01 Feb

Boston’s Best New Restaurant

Boston’s best new restaurant is Tiger Mama.

tiger mama1

Tiger Mama recently opened in Fenway.  It is owned by Top Chef Tiffani Faison who also owns Sweet Cheeks just a few doors down which is Boston’s best BBQ spot.  Tiger Mama is her reinterpretation of Southeast Asian cuisine and it does not disappoint.

Most of the dishes are small plates to share that range from 7-18$.  There are 3 family style options including the Tiger Duck, Chili Crab, and Monkfish Tails.  We tried both the Tiger Duck and Monkfish Tails which were delicious but we preferred ordering more small plates instead of the family style options so we could try more dishes.

iger Duck (whole duck) served with buns and dipping sauces

un Cha Hanoi (crispy pork rolls)

Some of our favorites were the Short Rib Crudo, Pig Rice (must order the pig rice!!), Lobster Fresh Rolls,  Bun Cha Hanoi which are crispy pork rolls, and Cha Ca La Vong which is marinated halibut with vermicelli noodles.

They offer two desserts which are the Coconut milk French toast and Mango sticky rice.  I recommend ordering both, they go great together!


To view their menu go to http://www.scribd.com/doc/292679985/Tiger-Mama-Menu

To make a reservation visit http://www.tigermamaboston.com/