As a manufacturer of equipment and a provider of services to the domestic and international utility enterprise, ESMO 2016 is an event that cannot be overlooked. ESMO 2016 can provide you with a forum to advance your sales and marketing objectives. It can enhance your company’s image and product penetration with companies that require solutions to their most pressing problems. ESMO can mean real orders and revenue enhancement now.

Attendees at ESMO seek real-world solutions to power-delivery problems. The event allows power-delivery professionals to attend conference sessions and immediately seek out exhibitors whose products can offer solutions to their problems. The conference has attracted a high level of intent forms for individual paper presentations from contributors around the world. In addition to the individual papers, panel sessions are being organized by industry experts highlighting the latest advancements in this segment of the electric power industry.



Indoor exhibits Monday and Wednesday at the Greater Columbus Convention Center
400 North High Street Columbus, Ohio 43215

Outdoor exhibits Tuesday and Thursday (transportation provided from the Convention Center to AEP’s Bixby Station outside of Columbus)

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