Outdoor Demonstrations

Company Description
Aerial Reach Associates DBA Hinkel Equipment Rentals & Excel High Reach, Inc. Daily Inspections of High Reach Aerial Devices

We will demonstrate a thorough, simple method of daily equipment inspection and pre-flight operation inspection on a 150 ft. transmission-class lift. ANSI requires that every operator performs these inspections before use of any aerial lift.

New technology is enabling equipment users to increase productivity through features like automatic outrigger leveling and self-storing booms, while emergency operation features that allow the operators in the work platform to lower the boom under secondary power, but each of these attributes requires specific training and inspection procedures.
Advanced Aerial Inspection Resources Will perform a live inspection of transmission assets including the tower and mid span using visual and thermal payloads on a UAS. A live stream will be available for the audience to follow along and watch the mission real time. They will also be able to see the platform perform various maneuvers around the energized asset. The demo will convey the capabilities of currently available UAS technology.
AEP Ohio AEP Ohio’s Smart Grid Solutions

AEP Ohio developed this nationally award-winning interactive mobile tour to educate and demonstrate to customers the company’s smart grid solutions. The mobile features six informative stations onboard a 40-foot RV. On this self-guided tour, attendees learn more about AMI meters, Volt Var Optimization, Online Energy Information, Distribution Automation, and other smart grid technologies. Complete with diesel hybrid power and environmentally friendly materials, the mobile features a multi-media video introduction, touch screen kiosks, and colorful graphic and text panels. In 2009, AEP Ohio began educating consumers about its efforts to develop a smarter grid using this mobile program and other promotional elements.

Distribution Automation Circuit Reconfiguration

AEP Ohio created this Distribution Automation Circuit Reconfiguration (DACR) demonstration unit to provide customers a better visual on how DACR works. Using an actual DACR recloser unit and a simulation featuring an LED and graphic panel, the 10-minute demonstration shows two actual power outage scenarios to describe and visualize how the proven technology works “behind the scenes” to keep the power on.
AEP Transmission Transmission Line Inspection Robot

The AEP Line Inspection Robot and the initial 138 kV overhead transmission line designed for autonomous robotic inspection will be at the ESMO Demonstration site. AEP was the lead demonstration utility for the EPRI Innovation Project which developed the inspection robot. AEP/EPRI collaborated with Performed Line Products (PLP) to develop the innovative conductor hardware, which is harmonized with the robot’s motion mechanisms, to allow the robot uninterrupted movement over an overhead line without human intervention. The inspection capabilities of the robot are a combination of advanced sensor technologies and innovative applications of existing technologies. The robot, line hardware, and the inspection capabilities of the robot will be demonstrated.

The AEP Transmission Training Center will have brochures available describing training services we offer to third party entities

BOLD Transmission LLC a subsidiary of AEP Transmission Holding Company will have a display and material related to their service offerings
AFL Product Display.
Altec Industries Altec will have two separate demonstrations on transmission construction/maintenance equipment:

We will demonstrate the capabilities of the 108ft sheave height DT105 digger derrick. Demonstrations will include:
1) Explanation of the safety and productivity features of the unit and control system
2) Demonstrate capability by digging 36” x (AEP to define acceptable depth) up to 15 ft deep hole or whatever is required to set suitable wood transmission pole.
3) Demonstrate capability by setting wood transmission pole in hole using boom/pole guides (assuming AEP is ok with this demonstration and can provide pole for use) At the close of the demonstration we will remove the pole from the hole and place back on the ground.
4) Discuss optional attachments for the DT105
a. Platform
b. Luffing jib
c. Insulated jib, etc….

We will demonstrate the capabilities of the AC40-152S for Transmission construction and maintenance applications.
Demonstration will include:
1) Explanation of benefits of dual rated products (both ASME B30.5 and ANSI A92.2)
2) Demonstration of configuring unit for aerial device operation (installation of platform, controls
Asplundh Will display 2 pieces of equipment, a 70 ft aerial lift and a Jarraff side trimmer.
Bashlin Industries To demonstrate the proper use of the Bashlin Industries product, #76PAT, Patriot. The most recent introduction to the Wood Pole Fall Restriction Device (WPFRD) market – for use on wood poles.
Bronto Skylift, Inc. Bronto Skylift Model SI 197 HDT Aerial Work Platform

Demonstrating a Model SI 197 HDT in our outside exhibit booth. The Model SI 197 HDT has been a workhorse in our insulated product line. It has a 1000 pound platform capacity and 72 feet of horizontal side reach. It is mounted on a 2016 Tor 8×6 chassis with rear wheel steer.
Buckingham Mfg. Fall Protection and Rescue for Tower Lattice Type Structures. Demonstrate how to effectively climb and move around a lattice type structure using 100% fall protection and a rescue scenario that complies with the new OSHA standards for electric transmission and distribution systems. Different pieces of equipment will be utilized to show how to customize the gear to meet your specific requirements.
Classic Connectors A Haverfield Aviation crew will install a ClampStar engineered mechanical shunt using aerial work methods including a platform attached to the aircraft. This service is intended to correct and reinforce the deteriorated electrical and mechanical performance of hot-running, aged or degraded splices and /or damaged conductor on overhead transmission and distribution conductors or, to increase the performance rating of existing splices and other line components for the purpose of increasing line ampacity that may be presently limited by such devices. This operation is normally performed on energized lines, eliminating the need for an outage and the costs associated therewith. This demonstration will be performed on a 345kV line vertical construction under de-energized conditions.
Diversified Products Diversified Products will demonstrate their line conductor lifting device that attaches to a crane.
DMC Power Demonstration of the original swage systems of tools and fittings covering substation bus, cable, grounding and transmission applications. Review process, preparation and importance of the total swage system on reliability and performance. Will have “hands on” type opportunity in an informal table top format typical of our initial in-person training programs conducted on project locations work wide.
Elliott Equip. Co. Elliott Equipment Company will display the E190 aerial work platform and D105 digger derrick.

The E190 is the tallest ANSI A92.2 telescopic aerial made in North America. It features 190 foot working height with no jibs; improving safety and eliminating the need for a trial lift and proof test. It comes standard with a fiberglass isolating platform yoke, hydraulic tool circuit, stainless steel grounding lugs and EZ Crib outriggers that reduce the cribbing required.

The D105 digger derrick is designed for transmission and other heavy duty work. It features a 95 foot boom, 41 foot digging radius, 50,000 lb. material handling capacity and 20,000 ft./lbs. of torque. In addition to the operator console, the D105 can be operated remotely with its wireless controller.
Display of Aerial Work Platform and Digger Derrick
Elliot – Built For You.
Euclid Vidaro Mfg. Co. Will display KV-Gard live-line suit (conductive clothing)
Haverfield Aviation Haverfield intends to demonstrate our airborne live-line capabilities with multiple repairs methods. Proposed operations include: infrared, installation pf clampstar (splice shunts), armor rod repairs on conductor, X-Ray inspection of compression fittings, installation of aerial marker balls and bird diverters bn the OHGW, and insulator replacements.
HD Electric Product Display.
IkeGPS 45 minute demonstration of IKE 4 device capturing measurements and data on a tower, utility pole and mid-span. Will also demo how to wirelessly move the collected images/data to IKE Office software and complete the measurement process in an office environment. For maximum impact, desire access to a utility pole with numerous attachments.
INCON GridSense is back! Recently acquired by INCON, GridSense offers two exciting products of interest to line crews.

The first is a hotstick mounted high-resolution camera workable to 500KV. Mechanical zoom makes it much better than any competing camera. Image is sent wirelessly to a tablet at the user level to read name plates, look for tracking damage, contact inspection, etc. Easy to set up and use.

The second product is the famous Line IQ line mounted sensor which is attached to a line with hotstick. LIQ is solar-powered and transmits to a local gateway important line parameters such as current, voltage, ambient and conductor temperature, and fault information.

As a hands-on demonstration, prizes will be given to participants who can install the LIQ on the first try!
Jelco Jelco will display Fall Protection Equipment.
Kerite – Marmon Utility Kerite technician will be demonstrating the steps to terminate a Kerite 138kV cable with a G&W Electric PAT140 termination. The technician has constructed over 100 terminals of this size and style. He will answer questions about the techniques and tools used to prepare and terminate the cable.
K-Line Insulators OH Line Maintenance/Construction: Pole Setting and Framing Mid-Span on 138kV H-Frame Transmission Line

Hydro One Networks Inc. and K-LINE INSULATORS Limited will demonstrate Pole Setting, Framing and Clamping in Conductor Mid-Span on 138 kV Transmission Line.

K-LINE INSULATORS Totally Insulated Framing System (TIF) is an innovative new concept designed to improve conventional H-Frame Pole and Crossarm construction by using K-LINE Insulators assembled in new configurations to perform the Crossarm function.

RS Modular Composite Poles will be set using the Hydro One Setting Machine. The Poles will be Framed with the K-LINE INSULATOR InsulArm and Conductors will be Clamped in position.

The Hydro One Pole Setting Machine, RS Modular Composite Poles and K-LINE INSULATORS Totally Insulated Framing System combine as a unique approach compared to conventional Transmission Line design and construction practices.
Laminated Wood Sys. Wood Pole Reinforcement Using the PoleEnforcer® Spliced Reinforcement System The PoleEnforcer SRS Spliced Reinforcement System from LWS is a patent pending segmented steel groundline reinforcement system. The demo will show how the SRS system can be easily driven in sections to achieve deeper driving depths while maintaining safe working conditions above grade.The lower unit is driven first, then the upper unit is bolted to the lower unit and driven to the desired depth. The steel SRS units are then banded to the pole and safety caps are installed. The PoleEnforcer SRS system is intended for use in soft soil, high decay, burn damage, car break, excavations, ice and water conditions.

Lindsey will erect a 2 column 500kV tangent chainette emergency restoration structure using a crane. The assembled columns are 71 feet in height and are set 80 feet apart. The insulator chainette is suspended between the columns. Each column is supported by 3 each 9/16 inch guy wires with 73 foot leads and a 37 foot spread from the center line, attached to anchors.
Mabey Inc Site Access: Matting Solutions for Transmission Construction

Site access presents many challenges for utility transmission construction or restoration. Mabey can help overcome these challenges with DURA-BASE® composite mats which provide safe, cost-effective access to poles & wires in many types of locations.

DURA-BASE® mats provide a stable platform regardless of weather or terrain. These patented, composite mats are field proven and reliable in even the most extreme environments. The mats have a unique locking system providing a continuous work surface to eliminate differential movement while preventing load destabilization.

The DURA-BASE® EPZ grounding system provides an innovative solution for creating equipotential zones. When properly connected to other elements of the jobsite grounding grid, the EPZ Grounding System provides the benefits of an equipotential zone, reducing electrical hazards such as touch and step voltage differentials.

Visit Mabey to see how versatile the mats are for work stations or roads and why environmental professionals prefer working with DURA-BASE® mats.
MidSun Group Product and Service Display
Midwest Access Solutions Temporary Water Crossing for Heavy Equipment Access

Midwest Access Solutions will display Sterling Lumber TerraLam Cross Laminated Timber mats for use as temporary roadways, and water crossings. The Patent Pending TerraLam mats use newly designed Cross Laminated Technology to increase safety, provide engineered specifications, and reduce site-to-site contamination while cutting freight based job costs by up to 50%. Sterling Lumber’s TerraLam technology is designed to increase the lifespan of mats when compared to traditional wood products. TerraLam mats are manufactured using sustainable and renewable materials.

MAS will build 24 LF of 14′ wide mat road to a 12 LF x 16′ wide “water crossing” (approximately 12″ above grade) to another 24 LF of 14′ wide mat road. Resting on the 12′ span will be an 70k lbs 260 excavator with mat grapple as used to construct the ‘water crossing’ to demonstrate capacity.
MindCore Technologies Pollutions and Performance – Switch into the Future

Ice conditions, salt spray, corrosion, maintenance and safety are issues facing Utilities everyday on disconnect switches. A demonstration of the quality and performance improvements eliminated will be shown on a trailer carrying a 230kv vertical break, 145kv Double End Break, 72kv Vee-Break. Motor operators performance and communication.
Newpark Matt & Integrated Services LLC Newpark Mats will be showcasing the DURA-BASE Advanced-Composite Mats and EPZ MATS, along with our Grapple Truck and Grapple Handle attachment. We will demonstrate the ease of laying mats with the grapple handler and show the versatility of the mat movement from the vehicle directly to laying the mats on the ground.
OMICRON Electronics An Introduction to Electrical Diagnostic Testing of Power Transformers
Transformers are the largest, most expensive, and highly critical components of most utility substations. In order to ensure a long, useful service life, it is critical that a power transformer and its ancillary components are tested regularly for incipient fault modes.

OMICRON will demonstrate many of the electrical diagnostic tests recommended for power transformers, including:
• Turns-Ratio (TTR)
• Leakage Reactance (Short-Circuit Impedance)
• DC Winding Resistance
• Core Demagnetization

OMICRON will use our new multi-functional test system to demonstrate these electrical diagnostic transformer tests. The new test system significantly reduces the number of test connections and lead changes required to perform the tests, which minimizes test time, improves ease-of-use, and improves safety, relative to conventional test equipment.
Osmose Utilities Services Transformers

Product and Service Display.
Positron Inc. Live Line Maintenance and Safety Assessment using an Electric Field Measurement Device
The condition of insulators on transmission and distribution power systems is of prime importance for the successful operation of a power grid. The safety of the personal working close to High Voltage line is also very important. Porcelain and Composite Insulator Tester based on the Electric Field measurement will be demonstrated under an energized High Voltage Transport Line. Ease and speed of operation will be demonstrated. The measured results will be transmitted in real time to a tablet located at the ground level using a long range Bluetooth transmitter. Graphical representation of the Electric field along the insulator will be shown to the participants. Graphics of faulty insulators will also be displayed.
Preformed Line Products Conductors can experience different types of motion due to wind traveling across the conductor. Two of the most damaging types of motion are Aeolian vibration and galloping. These two types of conductor motion can cause severe damage to the conductor and associated hardware. This demonstration will discuss the 2 different types of motion and demonstrate both Aeolian vibration and galloping on test spans. Solutions to address both of these types of motion will be discussed as well as different suspension products that can be utilized to reduce the damage level to the conductor.
Prime Mech Tools Ltd Product Display.
SDP Mfg. Co. Demonstrating setting a 40′ distribution pole using their EZ Hauler to auger the hole and a second piece of “backyard” type of equipment to tip the pole upright and set the pole.

Our demonstration shall be a full scale installation of insulators strings for electrical T&D lines (toughened glass, porcelain, polymer) to explain different inspection methods and challenges. Various insulators types will be hung from elevated structures, in different string configurations.

Silicone coated glass insulators will also be hung and their application to improve electrical performance and washing prevention will be explained. Hydrophobicity on newly and old-coated insulators taken from several years of service will be verified and demonstrated.

The demonstration will also serve to explain the electromechanical performance of damaged glass insulators and compared with the damaged condition of other insulating technologies. Finally, the ease and safety in handling glass insulators in the field will be demonstrated through breakage demos which visitors will be able to witness or experience firsthand participation.
Sherman + Reily Equipment Display
Silver Spring Networks Silver Spring Networks partners with AEP to provide AMI and Distribution Automation solutions for their gridSMART initiatives across several AEP Operating Companies.

As a supporting partner, Silver Spring Networks will showcase AMI and DA network, endpoint, device, and software application examples for technologies applied in AEP gridSMART initiatives.
Tech Products Energized line phase and switch identification using generic hot stick.

Tech Products, Inc. is going to demonstrate the use of our energized cable identification products for marking phasing and switching. We will show how easy an ordinary hot stick can become a tool to attach and detach our clamping system. There will be a short and detailed discussion on the quality of the system used, its longevity in outdoor environments and some of its current applications. There will be time for questions and possibly audience interaction with the energized cable identification system.
Team Fishel Fishel Teammates will be on hand to discuss our engineering, construction, installation and maintenance capabilities for the transmission, distribution and substation markets. With our reputation for High Performance and 80 years of utility construction experience to back it up, we can make your next project Mission Possible! Stop by and register to win a YETI Tundra or Hopper cooler.
TIME Manufacturing Company TIME Manufacturing Company is the leading aerial lift manufacturer in the world today. And keeping with the exceptional quality, industry changing innovations and leading edge designs that TIME is known for we are proud to present to the attendees at IEEE-ESMO 2016 these aerial lifts at the outdoor exhibit.

The VERSALIFT VST7100 includes an ANSI Category B-69KV boom with chassis isolation, articulating and telescoping boom with a working height of over 75′, platform capacity 800 LBS, jib capacity 2,000 LBS and is available on two axle chassis.

The CONDOR CTA130I is a very popular aerial lift and has an ANSI Category A-500KV boom, working height of 130′ and unrestricted platform capacity of 2,200 LBS. This unit includes on board diagnostics with operator messaging and is the FIRST aerial lift to use a wireless digital data link in place of fiber optics.

The VERSALIFT PHX 180I has just been RELEASED. This aerial has an ANSI Category A-500KV boom, working height of over 180′ and unrestricted platform capacity up to 2,000 LBS. The industry changing innovations are too numerous to mention and requires the end user to experience this aerial to fully appreciate all of benefits it has to offer.

The VERSALIFT SKYBIRD 215I is the WORLD’S TALLEST INSULATED AERIAL LIFT. This aerial has an ANSI Category A-500KV telescopic upper boom, working height of over 215′ and platform capacity up to 1,323 LBS. This aerial is collaboration between TIME and Ruthmann Steiger aerials manufactured in Germany.

All TIME products provide a smooth and rock solid platform to handle the demanding and harsh work environment of the transmission construction and maintenance industry.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss the entire family of products offered by TIME. Please stop by our booth (#705) or visit the outdoor exhibit.
TPC International aka TIREBOSS TIREBOSS™ is a tire pressure control system used to increase off-road mobility.

We will show how much the tire pressure changes the tire traction area and discuss all the benefits achieved from this.

We will also review the general components of the system and how they operate.
Transgard Patented Animal Deterrent System for Substations

TransGard will demonstrate the installation of its patented fencing, which eliminates substation outages caused by squirrels, snakes, raccoons and other animals. TransGard offers the only substation fencing that deters animals by delivering a mild electric shock — a humane technique that offers the most effective barrier against incursion.

Attendees will see the process of installing an entryway and connecting the master control. They will also learn the basics of connecting TransGard’s modular panels, which can be easily removed for substation maintenance. Company officials will explain the various advantages to TransGard’s unique design: a half-day installation that requires no power interruption, a 20-year track record of success, and cost-effectiveness that has led to industry-wide adoption. TransGard currently protects more than 2,500 substations in North America.
TSE International Tension Stringing Using Battery Powered Puller/Tensioners “Green Machine”

TSE will be using it’s patented battery powered Puller/Tensioner “Green Machine” to demonstrate the pulling and tensioning of conductor with the ability to communicate with crew members without the use of headsets or hearing protection. The Green Machine has no hydraulics so you don’t have to worry about an oil spill either.
Utility Solutions Inc. Demonstration Trailer showing Load Break Tools, Wildlife Guards, Fiberglass Hot Sticks and more. Our fully functional demonstration trailer includes all of our hotline tools and products and allows us to demonstrate load-break applications in a de-energized environment.

We will demonstrate the following (as time permits):
• Load Ranger® Portable Load Break Tool – opens overhead cutouts and switches.
• BREAK-SAFE® Portable Load Break & Pick-up Tool – 300 amp switch for mechanical jumpers.
• Varmint Shield – Wildlife Guard that can be installed on any size insulator when energized (this has substation applications).
• BLUE STRIPE® Heavy Duty Substation Stick – a telescoping substation stick that is compact and extra heavy duty.
• Other Hot Line Tools and Products as time permits.
Von Corporation Underground Cable Fault Location

The VON Corporation will demonstrate it’s line of underground cable fault location equipment.