Dolan Labs Tour

$25.00 (with paid registration)

Thursday, September 15, 2016
[2:00 PM – 4:00ish (may run til 4:30)]

The Dolan Technology Center (DTC) offers external customers many of the same services provided to the AEP system including a wide range of real-world testing services for electrical and mechanical equipment and systems.

On Thursday, Sept. 15th, the DTC will set up four demonstrations on its property for Dolan Tour registrants to rotate through with a tour guide. The DTC is adjacent to the ESMO Outdoor field location, and the buses will pick participants up in front of DTC to return to the hotels and convention center in downtown Columbus following the demonstrations.

All outdoor events will be weather permitting, and subject to change due to equipment or personnel availability.

Demo 1 (High Bay)

  • Electrical Flashover Test – testing will be conducted using GE 200 kV indoor high voltage source and an insulated blanket or equivalent
  • Mechanical Testing of porcelain disc insulator – Insulator will be broken inside Tinius Olsen Mechanical Strength Testing Machine

Demo 2 (Under 345 kV line)

  • E-Field and H-Field Measurements – develop lateral profile adjacent to and under the 345kV line
  • Induced Voltage Demonstration – using a metal structure or vehicle adjacent to the 345kV line

Demo 3 (High Voltage Test Yard)

  • Outdoor Corona Demonstration – achieved by energizing the outdoor test line. Demonstration will include DayCor, AN Meter, RI Meter
  • Flash of insulator at the end of the corona demonstration

Demo 4 (Tour our 1.3 MV Mobile Test Set)

  • Our 1.3 MV Mobile Test Set will be set up as a static exhibit