IEEE Viswajyothi College of Engineering and Technology (VJCET) SB is pleased to announce that the SPARK Special Project on Augmented Reality for Kids has been completed at Elampara L.P School, Punnekadu L.P School, Josephine L.P School, and Vettampara Schools. This project was funded by IEEE R10 and IEEE HAC, and it was organized in collaboration with IEEE PES YP Kerala.

SPARK (Special Project on Augmented Reality for Kids) was a project in which Augmented Reality (AR) was used to visualize educational concepts, which helped students learn better even in online education. IEEE VJCET SB collaborated with Infosory Future Tech Labs Pvt Ltd and was technically supported by IEEE PES YP Kerala to create an app that provided unique digital experiences that blended the best of the digital and physical worlds. Teachers can use AR to recreate 3D models of almost any object, including those that are impossible to bring to class.

IEEE VJCET SB organized a Google meet for teachers in primary schools in Kerala’s tribal areas and communicated for a long time. They inquired about their academic curriculum and gained a better understanding of their subjects. And those topics took the form of 3D models, which were then imported into this augmented reality platform and further developed into apps, which was distributed to teachers.

The project was officially completed on December 20, 2021, thanks to the support and hard work of 15 enthusiastic volunteers led by Ms. Elizabeth Lovin, and was inaugurated on December 19, 2021. Infusory Future Tech Labs Pvt Ltd provided exceptional assistance for the development.