With the current situation in which the world finds itself, the Student Chapter IEEE PES UFCG carried out analyses on which communication platform the public prefers to participate in the activities. Events via Google Meet become more private due to the need for a join link, for not allowing free recordings, and for the limited number of people on the call. Thus, when comparing the number of participants in Webinars held on Google Meet and the number of views on Youtube, it is noticeable that people opt for open events.

According to the ComScore VideoMetrix survey, around 105 million Brazilians started accessing YouTube monthly, increasing usage time by 91% during the pandemic crisis. Through this, the YouTube channel became a strategic alternative for the dissemination of Student Chapter content through the use of the StreamYard platform. The streaming tool directly transmits to Youtube and brings with it means that facilitate the audience’s interaction with the speaker; it was noted that the participants felt more comfortable making observations, suggestions, and questions through the YouTube chat, without the need to speak “live” with the speaker. In addition, as the activity will be stored on the platform, people who were unable to watch the broadcast can watch it at another time that is convenient for them.

In February, PES UFCG brought two Webinars entitled: “How I used LinkedIn to gain market visibility” and “The EPE and the challenges of broadcasting in the PDE 2031”. Respectively, the first was taught by Gilcianne Fernandes on February 22, 2022, and the second was presented by Lucas Simões de Oliveira on the 24th of the same month.

Webinar: “How I used LinkedIn to gain market visibility”.

Webinar: “A EPE e os desafios da transmissão no PDE 2031”.

After the two Webinars were held, the increase in the number of observations in the videos and in the Chapter channel was notable. Based on the data provided by Youtube itself, the Webinar on the 22nd had a total of 81 views, while the one on the 24th had 109. This initiative to keep the channel active on Youtube shows practicality in disseminating activities, as well as enabling a greater reach of people since in the last 28 days the channel had 204 views and 483 impressions on the platform. Therefore, with a view to future perspectives, Youtube is a path that provides growth and many benefits, so, regardless of the moment of a pandemic, it will still be used by the IEEE PES UFCG Student Chapter.

Data from the IEEE PES UFCG Student Chapter Channel offered by Youtube.

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  1. Breno Henrique Martins Silva
  2. Carolynne Ribeiro Carvalho

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