Editor’s Corner March 2022

We have seen a decreasing trend in COVID-19 pandemic and thus few face-to-face events are reported. We pay tribute to our PES members who died during the pandemic, especially to our great leader PES President Frank Lambert. We are honored to get PES Past President Saifur Rahman as the IEEE President-Elect in 2022.

The first article of this new format of PES eNews is the Voice of the Governing Board Member: 2022-23 PES President Jessica Bian. I would like to quote some inspiring information shared by Jessica: “The total PES membership at the end of 2021 is 42,805 – all-time high – a 7.9% increase over 2020”. Really, it is a proud moment for PES members. She also shared information regarding some new initiatives taken by the PES for the period 2022 and 2023.

In this issue, an update of the PES Distinguished Lecture on SMART Power Flow Controllers is presented. The lecture was delivered by Dr. Kalyan Sen and organized by the IEEE Pittsburgh PES/IAS Joint Chapters. Next, an update from the PES University is presented where members will know about the process of getting access to PES Webinars, live or recorded mode.

We received an update of the PES STEP 2021 event organized by Stamford University SB along with its WIE AG. PES UFCG SB chapter provided an update on their initiative towards effective utilization of online platforms for publicizing chapter activities. PES NEDUET SB Chapter organized seminars on national productivity and higher education.

PES Enews is happy to share exciting technical updates reported briefly by our members. In the newly introduced Technical Brief Section of this issue, a globally optimal solution to the AC optimal power flow problem is presented by Dr. Amro M. Farid. He is currently a Visiting Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at MIT and an Associate Professor at the Thayer School of Engineering,
Dartmouth College. PES/IAS joint SB Chapter of Amrita School of Engineering, Bengaluru, India reported their recent major activities, such as Industrial Tour, Tech-talks, and alumni meetings. PES University of Manchester SB Chapter reported about their AGM and the 2nd Virtual Pub Quiz Competition on Power and Energy topics. PES University of Moratuwa SB Chapter provided an update on a very successful event: IEEE for the Countryside (GAMMEDDATA IEEE API)- Phase 3.

PES Humanitarian Activity Committee (PES-HAC) provided an update on the 2022 Humanitarian Technology Project Design Competition (HTPDC) to be held in May. The registration and training sessions have been started.

On Jan 4, 2022, we lost Dr. Akihiro Ametani, FIEEE, a Professor Emeritus of Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan. An article in memoriam of Prof Ametani is included in this issue.

PES Enews is transforming into a more dynamic model:

  • PES members will receive updates via dedicated social media channels. 
  • Articles will also be available on the eNews website. 
  • The quarterly pdf version of the eNews will also be available.

My heartiest congratulations to the new members of the PES Enews Publication Committee. Thanks a lot for their enthusiastic support.

  • Web Management Coordinator: Raihan Ur Rashid, BSc (BUET), MBA (DU),
    Executive, R&D, Spectrum Engg. Consortium Limited, Bangladesh
  • Print Version Coordinator: Nour-El-Houda Chetoui, BS (UTM), MS Candidate (UTM)
    Co-Founder & Head of HR ARTAQI, Tunisia
  • Design & Social Media Coordinator: Sahabzada Betab Badar, B. Tech (UTU), India

I humbly request PES volunteers to submit articles in PES Enews containing a comprehensive description with relevant photographs (videos/links) of PES-related activities/events/webinars/initiatives/achievements. 

I wish you a safe life during this global crisis.

Shaikh Fattah, Ph.D. SMIEEE, FIEB
Professor, Department of EEE, BUET, Dhaka, Bangladesh
E-mail: enewsupdatepes@gmail.com; s.a.fattah@ieee.org