Vijay Vittal, Vice President, Technical Activities

Technical Activities Update: Entity Proposal Management

IEEE PES Technical Council forms a new standing committee: IEEE PES Entity Proposal Management (EPM) Committee.

IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES) volunteers within our IEEE PES Technical Committees have seen an increase in the number of entity proposals (mostly related to standards development) in the last few years. In an effort to better streamline the review process of these entity proposals and track the reviews and outcomes, the IEEE PES Technical Council formed the IEEE PES Entity Proposal Management (EPM) Committee in 2020.

The EPM Committee, as a standing committee within the IEEE PES Technical Council, will manage the entity proposal review process received from the various channels to ensure that these proposals or similar documents are reviewed by the IEEE PES Technical Council and the relevant technical committees.  The EPM Committee review process should take place prior to IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) New Standards Committee (NesCom) Meetings.

To download the full IEEE PES EPM Process document, click here.

EPM Composition:

  1. Chaired by the Tech Council immediate past chair.
  2. Vice chair, to serve a 5- year term (who is a past chair of a technical committee).
  3. The EPM Chair would appoint six (6) members from the 17 technical committees with staggered 3- year terms (with option of one renewal for total potential term of 6 years for one individual)
  4. Observers

(a) IEEE PES Tech Council Standards Coordinating Committee Chair

(b) IEEE PES Governing Board Member-at-Large for Standards

(c) IEEE-SA Liaison, as assigned by IEEE-SA

(d) IEEE PES Technical Activities Program Manager

Throughout 2020 and 2021, the IEEE PES EPM Committee has had bi-monthly web-meetings to review the entity proposals which are submitted via an online form. The PES EPM Committee assigns the relevant PES Technical Committees to review these proposals based on the information provided from the proposer. While the IEEE PES EPM Committee process has been working well thus far, it is still a fairly new process that the IEEE PES Technical Council will continue to review and improve upon.

Questions? For more information related to the IEEE PES EPM Committee click here.

IEEE PES EPM Committee Dashboard used via Smartsheet to organize the materials and forms used internally by the IEEE PES EPM Committee.