PES NEDUET SB Chapter’s Update

PES NEDUET SB chapter has organized a Career: Reset event featuring Dr. Julio, implemented the KPI tracker, O2O Calls, made an industrial visit and published the first e-journal.

The NEDUET organized an episode of Career: Reset featuring Dr. Julio Romero Agüero. The interview was conducted by Jacquelyn Adams, senior member of IEEE and Chair of Public Visibility for the year 2021. In Career: Reset, basically, emerging industry trends and lessons are discussed along with a guideline on how a career reset can help professionals in ways they never expected. The guest speaker Dr. Julio Romero Agüero, SMIEEE is the Vice President at Quanta Technology. Overall, he has an experience of 25 years in the relevant field. Presently, he is the Vice President, Membership and Image in the IEEE PES Governing Board. He has served as the Chair of the IEEE Distribution Subcommittee, Chair of the IEEE Working Group on Distributed Resources Integration, Editor of IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, and Editor of IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid.

Poster for the Career: Reset episode featuring Dr. Julio

Dr. Julio was asked to share his opinions on various domains of engineering including smart grids, microgrids and STEM. IEEE PES NEDUET chipped in with its own set of questions. These were composed by the documentation team and were well received by the speaker. Each question was elaboratively answered. The questions were multifarious including queries on how can we abandon fossil fuels as quickly as possible while the problem of unreliable energy source persists with renewable energy sources. There were questions related to smart grids too including: is the idea of microgrid easily replicable to any area or does it differ in capacity and design complexities case wise? To this Julio answered that there are parameters that need to be considered including the capacity of smart metering choices for the area.

Dr. Julio Romero Agüero sharing his thoughts

Team Promotions of IEEE PES NEDUET SB chapter under the oversight of Afaq Khan and Ameem Mustafa initiated Mr. PES Campaign. The concept of the campaign was to enlighten the students regarding the four basic principles of Generation, Transmission, Distribution and Circuitry. It was absolutely a successful operating fourteen days campaign that was carried out through the platform of Instagram and Facebook. The Promotions Team broke many sub divisions and conducted the campaign.

A poster for the Mr. PES Campaign

IEEE PES NEDUET SB chapter had decided to maintain record keepings of its members’ performances by implementing ‘Key Performance Indicator (KPI)’ and conducting ‘O2O Calls’. The KPI is designed on Google Sheets separately for each domain. These domain wise sheets are subsequently updated by its directors in view of the performance and progress of their members. The qualities and their weightage values depend on the requirements of the directors, while the net score is manipulated to intensify the productivity of the society.

Sample of the KPI Tracker

The HR team of the NEDUET SB chapter has prepared an O2O Call Questionnaire and analyzed the problems faced by the member and resolved them to make a better environment for that particular member. It also helped directors to know the inadequacy in their leadership skills and what they can do to remediate the problems.

Questionnaire Sample of O2O Calls

PES NEDUET SB chapter launched their annual publication, namely Yearly E-Journal 2020-21. Its main purpose is to archive all activities carried out by the PES NEDUET SB chapter and engage a large amount of audience. It is to be noted that the Sb Chapter has also submitted the detailed report under the High Performing Student Branch Chapter Program.

First edition of the e-journal

In this premier edition, the e-journal contains reports on various activities held during the stipulated time frame, e.g. workshop/training on solar system design, DIALUX, ETAP; visit to 500 KV NKI Grid Station; webinars on startup life cycle, power system dynamics, introduction to HV DC with Biomass; report on Blogathon 1.0, Women’s Day Campaign, and PES 5th Congress. The cover page was designed by Muhammad Ubaid with an eye-catching outlook. This publication was a collaborative effort made by Muhammad Ubaid, Manum Fatima, Irsa Saif, Fahama Sheikh, Muhammad Imadullah Farooqui, Hassan Mughal, Abdullah Salik and Ashhad Asif, along with their Directors Maha Siddiqui and Hunain Raza Khan, and their General Sectary, Iman Amjad.

PES NEDUET SB chapter also took the initiative of publishing articles and blogs on their website, where members and other students would be able to share and read articles after getting it approved by the R & D and Documentation team. The website was created by PES NEDUET IT team. The IT Team also constructed a recruitment system which helps to simplify communication with candidates and team members. Relevant links are:

PES NEDUET SB chapter organized an industrial visit to GHARO 50MW Solar Power Plant, Thatta, Badin, Sindh on 11th November 2021. Total 30 students from PES team including 3 faculty members from Electrical Engineering Department visited the plant. The purpose of this industrial visit was to provide an excellent opportunity to all the students to interact and know more about the working environment at power plants. The intention was to help the students, especially the ones in final year, to create a practical perspective on the world of Engineering that could help them in their final year projects.

GHARO 50MW Solar Power Plant, Thatta, Badin, Sindh

Gharo Solar Limited has successfully commissioned 50 MW PV Solar Farm on 58.2ha of land near Deh Ghairabad, Mirpur Sakro, District Thatta, Sindh. The project is the most advanced solar plant in Pakistan to date with bifacial modules and single axis trackers. The project commenced commercial operations on December 23, 2019 and has been operating successfully to date.

GHARO 50MW Solar Power Plant, Thatta, Badin, Sindh

These features were evident to the students upon reaching the site, where they were greeted by the Plant Manager Ammad Butt who introduced rest of the team to them followed by refreshment. The students and faculty members were then divided into two groups, A and B, under supervision of AM Maintenance, Hassan Ali and AM Operation, Khawar, and the visit officially began. Groups were taken separately to visit. Group B, led by Mr. Hassan, started from field and moved towards control room while group A, led by Mr. Khawar, the other way round. The students were instructed to maintain SOPs throughout the visit. The students visited each section of power plant including Solar panels, Invertor units, transformer unit, SCADA and grid connection. The supervisors explained the concepts of Solar energy, working of photovoltaic cell, working of Solar panel, conversion of DC to AC by using Invertor unit by a total of 8 blocks of invertors with 48 invertors in each block. AC then enters the 2.5 MVA transformer unit to be stepped up to 220kV. 

Iman Amjad, Chair, NEDUET PES SBC
Humayoun Ahmed Khan, MD, NEDUET PES SBC

 Here multiple articles are combined, those were written by
Ahmed Asif and Muhammad Adeel Warsi from HR, NEDUET PES SBC
Fahama Sheikh, Hassan Mughal, Imadullah Farooqui, Irsa Saif, Manum Fatima, and Muhammad Ubaid from Documentation Team, NEDUET PES SBC
Bushra Laraib, Aleema Saleem, S.M Kunain Asfi and Abdul Rehman from IT Team, NEDUET PES SBC
Zoya Zeeshan, Wajahat Jadoon, Omais Jafry, Faria Azhar, Abdullah Salik & Kumail Abbas from Team Promotions, NEDUET PES SBC
Taimoor Javed and Nabah Jawed, from Team Graphics & Media, , NEDUET PES SBC