IEEE PES UFSM Chapter Organized a Blood Donation Campaign

PES UFSM organized a blood donation campaign in partnership with the “Engenheiros sem Fronteiras” NGO and “Otelio Consultoria” Company on Brazilian national day of blood donation.

In commemoration of November 25th, Brazilian national day of blood donation, PES UFSM student branch chapter, in partnership with the NGO Engenheiros sem Fronteiras, supported the dissemination of the “Doar é Viver” campaign. It was promoted by Otelio Drebes and the Blood Center of the “Rio Grande do Sul” (Hemorgs), from the State Department of Blood and Blood Products, with the support of the State Health Department of “Rio Grande do Sul”, which is intended to instruct and encourage more people to donate blood in the state of “Rio Grande do Sul” in Brazil. The campaign provides a platform where volunteers can schedule their donation in a safe and organized way, facilitating the donation process.

Picture taken on the blood donation day.

In Brazil, according to the Ministry of Health, 1.8% of the population regularly donates blood. This number is slightly below the ideal 2% defined by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO). There has been a reduction in blood donation across the country since the arrival of Covid-19, according to data from the Ministry of Health. In 2019, there were 3,271,824 blood collections in Brazil and, in 2020, 2,958,665 because of the lower circulation of people caused by the new coronavirus.

To encourage engagement, some of the chapter’s volunteers scheduled their donation on November 25th. We think that actions like this are extremely important and reveal what is best in humankind: the power to help others.


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C. C. Maurício
H. E. Pedro
B. S. Pedro
S. F. Leonardo
de S. Felipe
IEEE PES Santa Maria Chapter