Editor’s Corner: December 2021

In the Voice of Governing Board Section, we are honored to present an informative article titled “Technical Activities Update: Entity Proposal Management” written by Professor Vijay Vittal, PES Vice President, Technical Activities (repeating Nov. article). He informed about the IEEE PES Entity Proposal Management (EPM) Committee formed by the IEEE PES Technical Council in 2020. The article explained the activities of the EPM committee, which is focused on streamlining the review process of entity proposals.

We received an update from the IEEE PES China Chapters Council (PCCC) Smart Buildings, Loads, and Customer Systems (SBLC) Satellite Committee. The article contains the brief description on the inaugural meeting of PCCC- SBLC that was recently held with the opening ceremony of the 3rd International Academic Conference on Science and Technology.

PES Kerala Chapter has been regularly conducting a large number of impactful events and in this issue, we are presenting their recent updates. The article contains brief description of different events, such as TRIAC 2.0, TALKZ 2.0, APPEEC ’21, EXTRAAA Innings and LEAP Activities.

In this issue, we have included an article on AURA 2.0, a virtual technical fest including a DLP, workshops, and various competitions, which was organized by WiP, WIE AG and WIC of SB of Sree Chitra Thirunal College of Engineering (SCTCE). The respected DL in this event was Jonathan Woodworth, Consulting Engineer, Arresterworks and the title of the talk was “Surge Protection of Power Systems for Non-technical Professionals”. We received several recent activity reports from the PES NEDUET SB chapter and the corresponding article includes the description of an interesting event “Career: Reset” featuring an interview with Dr. Julio Romero Agüero, PES VP Membership and Image. It also includes description of KPI tracker, O2O Calls, an industrial visit and first e-journal. PES UFSM updated about a blood donation campaign organized on Brazilian national day of blood donation. During COVID-19 pandemic, PES UFCG SB Chapter created the people management coordination and later arranged an online mini-course on ANAREDE via remote access. 

A call for Editor-in-Chief (EiC) of Power & Energy Magazine (PEM) is included in this issue that contains the responsibilities, qualities, and preferred background characteristics relevant to the search for the PEM EiC candidates.

I am very pleased to announce that we are transforming the PES Enews into a more dynamic model including an almost real-time updated online version (involving social media) apart from the current static version (updates occur monthly). The new model will be effective from February 2022. Hence, January 2022 issue will be the last version of the current format. Major changes that we expect in the new model of PES Enews are:

  • PES members will receive immediate affiliate organization and chapter updates via dedicated social media channels.
  • Expanded and additional content will be available on the new eNews website.
  • The quarterly pdf newsletter will serve as a detailed summary of past and upcoming affiliate groups and chapter events for PES members.

I humbly request PES volunteers to submit articles in PES Enews containing a comprehensive description with relevant photographs (videos/links) of PES related activities/events/webinars/initiatives/achievements.

I wish you a safe life during this global crisis.

Shaikh Fattah, Ph.D. SMIEEE, FIEB
Professor, Department of EEE, BUET, Dhaka, Bangladesh
E-mail: enewsupdatepes@gmail.com; s.a.fattah@ieee.org