Call for Editor-in-Chief (EiC) of Power & Energy Magazine (PEM)

The responsibilities, qualities, and preferred background characteristics relevant to the search for Power & Energy Magazine (PEM) editor-in-chief (EiC) candidates are described.

19 Oct 2021

This document considers the responsibilities, qualities, and preferred background characteristics relevant to the search for Power & Energy Magazine (PEM) editor-in-chief (EiC) candidates.


The PEM EiC is responsible for the following:

  • Setting the tone of the magazine and its mission, scope, and vision,
  • Managing and improving the editorial organization including an editorial board,
  • Developing plans for future issue themes of the magazine,
  • Finding and working with guest editors to solicit feature articles for planned themed issues,
  • Soliciting content for magazine columns,
  • Creating new columns,
  • Managing the technical and editorial review process per the editorial organization and guidelines,
  • Managing the review of and response to non-solicited articles to the magazine per the organization,
  • Deciding what will be published in each issue and in what order,
  • Sending finalized submission material to the IEEE Publishing managing editor,
  • Approving the cover and reviewing the dummy prior to publication.


The PEM EiC should possess the following qualities and skills:

  • Being an IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES) member,
    • Broad knowledge of the PES organization structure
    • Familiarity with PES leadership
  • Broad knowledge of the power & energy field including,
    • The various PES technical areas and technical challenges of power system control, operations, planning, and regulations
    • The types of power system organizations such as independent operating utilities, municipal utilities, rural-electric cooperatives, regional transmission organization and independent system operators, and distribution system operators,
    • The technology solution providers,
    • The types of industry regulators,
    • The technical and business luminaries of the field
  • Broad personal experience regarding the PES audience, and what the audience wants in a magazine,
    • Long-time reader of PEM
    • Familiar with the magazine’s rubric of facts, education, and insight
    • Broad outreach to all PES members including non-engineering professionals and undergraduates in the field
  • Strong writing skills for simple communication of complex issues,
  • Seasoned editorial skills for constructively addressing errors and providing direction to authors,
  • Team leadership experience and management experience.

Background Preferences

The following points represent desired qualities but may not be met by all EiC candidates.

  • Experience with PEM contributions as a guest editor and/or feature article author.
  • Experience as an editor to professional or commercial publications, especially magazines.
  • Well-connected to industry technical, commercial, and society leaders.
  • Someone who is known and respected to make contact, solicit other connections, and otherwise support the production of quality content for the magazine.

Interested candidates please complete the form and include a short (max 5 page) CV here.