Updates from Student Branch Chapter at IIT Mandi: Workshop and Ideathon

Two weeks long workshop on renewable energy and 36 hours long Ideathon on “technology to achieve UN SDGs” were held at IIT Mandi with a large number of participants. 

Workshop on Renewable Energy

A workshop on renewable energy resources was conducted at Industrial Training Institute (IIT), Mandi, India to increase awareness among the young student community. This event was a 2-week workshop wherein students made a scaled-down prototype of the various project ideas proposed by them based on renewable energy theme.

Students consider the fact the natural resources available at the Himachal Pradesh, especially solar, hydro and wind energy which can be further processed to make it usable for mankind. This event was conducted by volunteers of IEEE Student Branch IIT Mandi (Dr Rajesh Pindoriya, Rishi Kant Thakur and Jigar Faria) under the aegis of IEEE PES-IAS and PELS-IES Joint SB Chapter, IIT Mandi in collaboration with PES-IAS and PELS-IES Delhi Section from 22nd September to 5th October 2021.

On 22nd Sept 2021, (5 hours long) awareness session was organized in front of 150 students and faculty members, in which Dr. Rajesh M. Pindoriya gave a presentation on solar energy and biomass. Next, Mr. Rishi Kant Thakur delivered a presentation on wind energy harvesting and hydropower plant, including the case study of the Dehar hydropower project of 990 MW. After that, Mr. Jigar Faria gave a presentation on the nitty-gritty of prototype development and report making. Workshop advisor Shivendra Doegar, Principal ITI Mandi also gave his students some tips for prototype development and resources available in their premises.

On 7th Oct 2021, Prof. S.C. Jain (Emeritus Professor IIT Mandi) and Kailash Srivastava (Adjunct professor, IIT Mandi) were invited and 8 selected prototypes were demonstrated which are as follows:

Group-1: Automatic Street Light.
Group-2: Windmill.
Group 3: Solar Water Pump House.
Group-4: Hydro Power Plant.
Group-5: Electricity Generation using Speed Braker.
Group-6: Windmill.
Group-7: Solar Power Irrigation System.
Group-8: Generate Electricity using Rainwater Harvesting.

IEEE Ideathon’21

IEEE PES/IAS joint student branch chapter, IIT, Mandi in association with its SIGHT group organized a nationwide Ideathon’21 on 2nd and 3rd of October, 2021 on the occasion of IEEE day 2021 celebration. The event was technically supported by IIT Mandi Catalyst, the technology business incubator of IIT Mandi.

The theme of the Ideathon was Using Technology to achieve the 17 UN sustainable development goals. The event was aimed at inviting ideas from students all over the country which are inline with the SDGs and are useful to the community.

The event was technically sponsored by IIT Mandi Catalyst, the technology business incubator of IIT Mandi. The event began with an inauguration session followed by a session on ‘Building Solution’ by Dr. Puran Singh, Associate Professor, SHSS, IIT Mandi and Faculty advisor, IIT Mandi Catalyst. In this session speaker gave a brief idea to the participants on the dos and don’ts while selecting an idea and building a solution for it. Later the teams were given 36 hours to develop an explanation of the idea through presentation. The Ideathon received a good response with over 20 teams submitting their ideas within the deadline. The submissions were evaluated and the best ideas were carried forward by catalyst to support them to develop the idea into a business model. Prizes worth Rs. 6000 were presented to the winners of the ideathon.

Dr. Rajesh M. Pindoriya, Mentor, IEEE SB IIT Mandi [Workshop]
Venkata Aditya Duggaraju, Chair, IEEE PES/IAS joint SBC, IIT Mandi [Ideathon]