EE-INFLUX: Reality Beyond Expectations Organized by Univ. of Moratuwa PES SB Chapter

EE–Influx, a career guidance programme, was organized by PES SB Chapter of University of Moratuwa and offered sessions on project management, entrepreneurship and product development.

EE –Influx is a career guidance programme initiated by PES SB Chapter of University of Moratuwa, to be aware of and emphasize career opportunities in the electrical engineering sector. The focused audience was the electrical engineering undergraduates. But any undergraduates who would like to join were welcomed.

The programme was held virtually in two days at Zoom platform consisting of three sessions, covering six main areas which are related to career opportunities in the electrical engineering sector. The six experts from academia and industry in the respective fields joined as the Guest Speakers and they shared their knowledge.

The first session was held on the 24th of October and two topics were discussed. Eng. Pasan Pethiyagode was the keynote speaker for the topic Project and Introduction to Industry and Eng. Laksith Sirisena covered the topic Design and Consultancy. The second session was held on the 31st of October on Entrepreneurship. Eng. Prasanna Liyanage had conducted the session. The third session was also held on 31st of October. Eng. Supun Amarasinghe was the guest speaker for the topic Product Development, Manufacturing  and Maintenance and Eng. Anjana Samarakoon delivered speech on Higher Studies. Eng. Isuru Kasthurirathne was the keynote speaker for the topic Utilities.

The main aim of conducting such a programme was to break the misconception that career opportunities in this electrical engineering sector are scarce, reveal and emphasise undergraduates about the value of their degree in electrical engineering.

Every session of the programme had empowered the undergraduates to follow their expectations in an electrical engineering career and had built insightful vision to make sound decisions in the field of electrical engineering. The active and enthusiastic audience caused to held such a successful event.

In summary, EE Influx was added to the diary of PES SB Chapter of the University of Moratuwa as another effective and valuable programme that reinvigorated the undergraduates and added a new vision to their upcoming career life.

Dinithi Senarath
Secretary, PES SB Chapter, University of Moratuwa