UFCG PES SB Chapter Organized Web Series PES RES for Kids and a Solidarity Campaign

The RES Coordination Team of PES UFCG, together with its interdisciplinary team, was able, with the new activity model created, to reach children from different locations and within their own homes, through videos made available on the chapter’s social media, such as Youtube and Instagram. The videos were accompanied by a PDF material containing drawings to color on the subject so that children could use painting as a way to recognize the elements presented in the videos and also generate feedback when publishing their art on their social networks.

PES RES For Kids intervention in the state of Alagoas

Using socks and everything they could find in their homes, the volunteers bet on their creativity and built the 5 characters that make up the Web series, in addition to the narrator responsible for explaining the plot set up by the team, telling the day to day of the group addressing important issues, emphasizing renewable energies.

The five characters of the web series PES RES for Kids

The production process of the three episodes released took a period of 4 months, starting in May and with its third episode released in September. The results obtained were highly satisfactory, culminating in the decision to evolve the project and expand it beyond renewable energies, reaching important concepts in the field of engineering that are necessary for everyday situations.

Some members of the Web series team

The implementation followed the proposed project management plan that describes in detail all the techniques for execution, such as roles of director, deputy director, and coordinators. The publication and dissemination were carried out through the chapter’s social networks, mostly through Instagram. In the first few days after launch, it was noted that the number of views was considerably high. There were also a large number of positive comments about the development and creativity of the project, not only from UFCG students, but also from other student branches. A partnership between the PES UFCG chapter and Colégio São Mateus, located in Anadia- Alagoas was developed. Thanks to teacher Dilma Silva, who teaches in the first year of Elementary School, and presented the Web-series videos to her students. In June 2021, the project was awarded by the IEEE Conselho Brasil, taking first place in the Educational Projects category.

Considering the severity of unemployment and hunger due to the isolation during the serious situation of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the members of the student branch chapter IEEE PES UFCGs helped vulnerable families in the city of Campina Grande – PB. They studied the community needs and precisely distributed some basic items, like food and diapers. A fundraising campaign was managed and the fund was spent to purchase the necessary items and the items were delivered on June 22nd, 2021.

Flyer of campaign

Food baskets resulting from the fundraising campaign

Mateus de Oliveira Souto Morais, Iago Miguel Araújo Torres, and Leila Maria Simplicio Rodrigues
IEEE PES UFCG Student Chapter