PES/IAS Joint SB Chapter of IIT Mandi Hosted Prof. Ned Mohan Virtually

IEEE PES/IAS joint SBC Indian Institute of Technology, Mandi, India hosted a virtual session on Power Engineering Education in the Age of Climate Crisis – A Holistic View delivered by Prof. Ned Mohan, Regents Professor, Oscar A. Schott Professor of Power Electronics and Systems, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Minnesota on 31st August, 2021.

Prof. Ned Mohan Discussing the applications of Electric Machines and Drives

Prof. Ned Mohan interacting with the volunteers and audience

Speaking about how climate change started showing adverse effects faster than the predicted rate, the speaker urged the need to switch to cleaner renewable sources of energy. He emphasized that ‘Science alone cannot stop global warming – Human attitude must change’. He later discussed the numerous applications of Power electronics, Electrical drives in various walks of life and emphasized on the role the courses taught in these areas play in the technological development. The speaker then discussed an approach of pipeline courses that they follow which would provide the students with the complete knowledge required in these areas. This approach showed promise in tackling the decrease in student enrolments in EE courses. The session was well received by the audience and ended on a high note after the audience had fruitful interactions with Prof. Ned Mohan.

Venkata Aditya Duggaraju
Vice-Chair, IEEE PES/IAS joint SBC, IIT Mandi