IEEE Power and Energy Society Humanitarian Activity Committee (PES-HAC), in remembrance of our beloved IEEE PES President (2020-21) Frank C. Lambert, organized a Memoriam Meeting on 14 August Saturday.

The meeting was attended by different IEEE volunteers over the globe memorizing the values, virtues, and teachings of Frank and how he inspired every IEEE volunteer to contribute themselves to advancing technology for the betterment of humanity.

The meeting was attended by 85 participants from different countries.

At first, Dr. Julio Romero Agüero, PES Vice President, Membership and Image shared his memories with Frank. He focused on Frank’s vast technical expertise and his contribution to the PES Distribution Subcommittee and other working groups: Frank was truly a technical contributor in several different fields. He had tremendous passion for some emerging technologies as well as some works he did on solar/microgrid in rural areas. He also contributed to building the NEETRAC testing facility at Georgia Tech. To him, Frank was an exemplary volunteer and a role model for all of us. Finally, he shared a photograph with Frank, the last personal meeting with Frank at 2020 ISGT (face to face). He also appreciated Frank’s involvement with YP and students.

Next Ruomei Li, PES WIP Chair shared a few words about Frank. In particular, she mentioned a recent conference, where she was astonished to see Frank’s enthusiasm to satisfy by answering all questions by the young conference participants. To her, Frank is a role model of a leader who wants to promote every volunteer.

Shaikh Fattah, PES-HAC Chair shared his memories with Frank. He was amazed to see the cordial behavior, love, and affection of Frank to a volunteer like him. Every time he learned something from him during various interactions, especially in PES GM and in PES LRP meetings. He will remember the cooperation that Frank offered during the preparation of his interview in the Humans of IEEE PES section of the Enews.

He specially mentioned the inspiration he received from Frank for organizing the PES-HAC events. In 2021 PES-HAC HTPDC, he joined in a local round in Brazil for a very long period. In the final round of the HTPDC, he attended both days at 7 am ET. He delivered a keynote talk. He was present and listened to the project idea presentations that immensely inspired the participant. He played a few memorable moments of Frank in HTPDC where Frank pointed out explicitly “the excitement in humanitarian activities among students.” He praised the PES-HAC initiative “I am speaking from a US perspective but everybody has liked this”. He gave his valuable judgment “We have to continue our PES funding for humanitarian activities. When we get a good idea that can be shared, can be multiplied.”

Next, Dr. Hussain Mahdi, PES-HAC Project Assessment Chair presented his short speech. He appreciated Frank’s effort and kindness to engage YP and students in local community problems.

Thiago Ribeiro de Alencar, Chair, PES CSAC shared his memories with Frank. He focused on how Frank inspired him to impact people’s lives. Frank helped him to learn about the implementation of his technical knowledge for the benefit of people. He suggested continuing works that Frank liked.

Juan Carlos Montero, Past VP, Membership and Image shared his memories in brief. He stressed that Frank was a great human being and he was a very kind hearted person.

Dr. Celia Shahnaz, PES WiP Region-10 Representative shared her memories with Frank. Frank used to respond to a volunteer request very quickly (even when he was sick, he managed to reply) that was very inspiring for her. She shared Frank’s contributory service to the Church. Being humanitarian first is the most important factor, which was true for Frank. She also mentioned his support for the IEEE milestone initiative involving a PES women contributor.

Anandhu, PES-HAC Event Chair shared his experience with Frank. He remembered his support in various student activities. He also mentioned Frank’s inspiration towards YP.

Dr. Alexander Anderson, PES-HAC Partnership Chair shared his memories, especially during various conferences, for example the Power Africa conference. He liked Frank’s polite and supportive behavior. He appreciated his thoughts about IEEE Foundation and other similar IEEE initiatives, like IEEE Smart Village.

PES-HAC will remember him forever for his affectionate guidance.

Dr. Shaikh Fattah