Editor’s Corner: August 2021

In the last issue of PES Enews, we shared an important announcement from Frank and in this issue, with a heavy heart, we are sharing an announcement about the demise of Frank. The whole PES society is very shocked due to the sudden death of Frank Lambert (1951-2021), President of PES (2020-2021). It is an irreplaceable loss to the PES Society. He was a true leader, a dedicated PES volunteer, a renowned expert in his field with vast experience, and passionate about humanitarian activities. My deepest condolences to his family.

On behalf of the PES Governing Board, in this issue of PES Enews, Jessica Bian shared “In Loving Memory of Frank Lambert”. She presented various aspects of Frank’s career. According to Jessica, “Frank was a professional with the best of both worlds of academia and the industry with exemplary insight.” The article presents some rare characteristics of Frank, e.g. “In his reception of people, there was smile, there was love, there was kindness and most importantly there was a very human touch:” He shared few lines from the Governing Board approved resolution “… his absence shall be deeply felt by all who had the pleasure of working and meeting him….”

In the Voice of Governing Board Section, we have a very informative article from Dr. Mazana Armstrong, Vice President Chapters. She presented the updates on the growth of PES professional and student branch chapters since January 2020, which is mostly during the pandemic. She also informed about the High Performing Chapter recognition program and outstanding chapters. Finally, she mentioned, “Our biggest supporter of young professionals and students was our dear friend and fellow IEEE PES volunteer Frank Lambert, 2020-2021 IEEE PES President” and expressed her gratitude to him.

It is now time to vote if you have not yet voted. Balloting for the 2021 IEEE PES Election and IEEE Annual Election will end on October 01, 2021 12:00 PM (GMT-05:00).

In this issue, we received an update from IEEE PES Kerala Chapter. During the last few months, the PES Kerala Chapter together with its YP and WiP organized a series of events including some signature events like WOW 2.0 and Orion 2.0.

Most of the PES student branch (SB) chapters are very active and organize many significant events regularly even during the pandemic. First, we presented an update received from PES SB Chapter at Georgia Tech, USA. They worked very hard during the pandemic and “Every week in the Fall of 2020, the student group hosted technical seminars by professionals from the academia, industries, and utilities”. Next, we presented an update received from the PES SB Chapter at UPIITA-IPN, Mexico. They organized the nuclear edition of the IPEC and a gender equality event.

IEEE PES Student Branch Chapter at the University of Manchester presented an article sharing a virtual visit to Drax power generation system facilities. U. of Brasília PES SB Chapter reported briefly on the Project Égide where to fight against COVID-19, individual protection equipment and hospital equipment were produced. The Égide project emerged in April 2020 with an aim of helping health professionals to fight the COVID-19 pandemic more safely.

We received a timely event update from the PES Humanitarian Activity Committee (PES-HAC). They organized a memoriam meeting in remembrance of PES President (2020-21) Frank C. Lambert. The article presented the brief memories shared by different participants of that meeting.

We have received several articles from different student branch chapters containing their annual report. I humbly request the SB Chapter Chair to send an article (containing the description of the major events) instead of the detailed annual report for the PES Enews. If you have not yet submitted the article describing the PES-Day events or other major events, please submit the articles as early as possible. Instead of sending multiple reports on various events, I request you to send a consolidated article describing briefly those events. I humbly request PES volunteers to submit articles in PES Enews containing a comprehensive description with relevant photographs (videos/links) of PES related activities/events/webinars/initiatives/achievements.

I wish you a safe life during this global crisis.

Shaikh Fattah, Ph.D. SMIEEE, FIEB
Professor, Department of EEE, BUET, Dhaka, Bangladesh
E-mail: enewsupdatepes@gmail.com; s.a.fattah@ieee.org