Mazana Armstrong, Vice President Chapters

Dear PES Members,

My previous address in PES eNews was in February 2020, just before the pandemic was announced. This past year and a half have brought life changing experiences to all of us. We lost our sense of normalcy, the ability to see our families and friends and meet our colleagues in person.

In spite of these difficult times, PES Chapters continued to grow. Since January 2020 we have had 10 new professional chapters (270 total) and around 60 new student chapters (500 total) created in all IEEE Regions across the world.

We had 89 existing professional chapters awarded for their activities in 2020 with the High Performing Chapter recognition that also awards chapters with funding towards their future activities. We recently announced the 2020 Outstanding Chapters. Large Outstanding Chapter winner was IEEE PES Malaysia chapter with IEEE PES Germany chapter as a runner up. Small Outstanding Chapter winner was IEEE PES Pune chapter from India with IEEE PES Queensland chapter from Australia. These recognitions are especially meaningful during these difficult times.

Our chapters and our PES community continued to deliver technical content and activities to our members, even under the most difficult circumstances of the pandemic. I would like to reflect on activities in India, one of the hardest hit regions in the world. Our volunteers there were not only able to completely switch to virtual events, but organize an astonishing number of virtual technical webinars and conferences. Congratulations to all our PES chapters for remaining active and making our PES family even stronger.

Please reach out to your local PES chapter (, find out about their activities, and offer your help, either as a technical presenter or a chapter volunteer. I also invite you to use every opportunity to connect with our students at your local Universities. Our PES student chapters are essential to grow and nurture our future young professional members who are the future of the PES Society and our profession. Our student chapters are truly changing the way we think about the needs of our members of the future. I believe we are on the cusp of a very influential and positive change for the Power and Energy Society that is coming from the newest generation of power engineers.

Our biggest supporter of young professionals and students was our dear friend and fellow IEEE PES volunteer Frank Lambert, 2020-2021 IEEE PES President, who unexpectedly passed away in July 2021. Before becoming the PES President, Frank was leading the PES Chapters organization. Frank, thank you for all you did for PES Chapters, our students, and young professionals, we will remember you and honour your legacy.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you wish to share your thoughts and ideas with me.

Best Wishes,
Mazana Armstrong
Vice-President Chapters