Julio Romero Agüero, IEEE PES Vice President, Membership

New Weekly PES News Rollup

You asked for it, you got it! Too many emails from PES? No more! Since this spring, PES has implemented a refreshed email communication strategy, with members receiving the following monthly digest emails. The preliminary feedback has been positive from members and based on stronger email open and click rates from previous years.

  • Week 1: eBulletin – Comprehensive highlights on core PES activities
  • Week 2: Professional Development Edition – Career development opportunities
  • Week 3: Trending Tech – Influential industry subject is highlighted and discussed
  • Week 4:  eNews Update – Supplement to the PES P&E Magazine

At IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES) with our network of over 40,000 global members, across 150 countries with over 750 local student and professional chapters, our strength in knowledge is palpable. Collectively, our 17 PES Technical Committees account for nearly 50% of the IEEE Standards produced. PES Publications produces over 22,000 pages of content annually. Additionally, PES Conferences consistently generate imperative material, accessible in the IEEE PES Resource Center.  Also, PES University continues to lead key industry conversations through 60 webinars/tutorials annually.

To effectively disseminate the invaluable content produced and keep our members updated on the latest PES activities, the weekly news rollup focuses on six core areas: (a) Technical Activities (white papers, technical reports, standards, etc.) (b) Conferences and Meetings (c) Publications (d) PES University (education) (e) PES Resource Center Content (f) Membership & Image (membership development).

In addition, the PES social media channels (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram)  have also been fully streamlined and will continue highlighting the PES’s six core priorities.

To assist in broadcasting our PES activities, the PES Social Media Ambassador pilot program was successfully launched within Region 9 starting 2021.  This key group of volunteers has been actively publicizing PES social media posts through their personal accounts to increase organic audience reach and engagement. The PES Social Media Ambassadors are intended to serve as ‘influencers’ in promoting the PES brand and key strategic activities across social media platforms (e.g., WhatsApp). PES plans to carry out an all-Region world-wide Social Media Ambassador program in 2022.

If you have any questions on the PES weekly email communication or Ambassador pilot program, please contact pes@ieee.org. Thank you.