Tim Licitra: New PES Executive Director

As IEEE PES President, it is my distinct pleasure to announce that Tim Licitra has joined IEEE as the 4th Executive Director (ED) of the IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES).

As the PES ED, Tim will lead the Society Executive Office in supporting and carrying forward the goals and decisions of the Power & Energy Society’s Governing Board, Committees, and President.  He will focus on developing a strong partnership with the volunteer leaders and will serve as consultant in providing continuity in strategic thinking and planning.  In supporting the volunteer leadership, he will drive society initiatives, support Technical Activities and IEEE initiatives, and will function as a conduit between PES and the key operating units within IEEE.  Tim will drive the organizational direction, operating plans, and strategies to meet the goals of the society, while managing all aspects of daily operations.

For the last 5 years, Tim was the Executive Director of the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES).  During his tenure at the IES, Tim’s contributions in support of its vision and mission were many. With a progressive approach to association management, Tim helped the IES modernize its internal systems and operations. He expanded the IES education program with the rollout of a new learning management system. Also during his time with the Society, Tim oversaw the establishment of a Global Access Affiliate membership program, welcoming the IES Australia New Zealand (IESANZ) as its first such member and thereby expanding the IES global footprint. He most recently led the organization in transitioning all of its nearly 100 lighting standards and guidelines to an interactive, digital platform now known as the Lighting Library®.

Prior to joining the IES team, Tim was the Executive Director for the Market Technicians Association, a nonprofit in the financial industry that provided a recognized certification program. Tim has a deep background in nonprofit management, as well as marketing and business development holding an MBA with a concentration in marketing.

I would like to thank the PES Executive Director search committee led by Al Rotz and Mary Ward-Callan for their extensive efforts in soliciting and identifying candidates for this position.

On behalf of the PES Governing Board and PES Members, I would like to welcome Tim to the IEEE and PES community; we are very excited to have him join the team and look forward to many productive and successful years.

Frank Lambert
2020-21 IEEE Power & Energy Society President