PES-HAC Panel Discussion: Academic and Industrial Opportunities, Challenges, Solutions from PES to Support SDGs

During the PES-Day 2021, a panel discussion session was organized with PES experts on 5th April 2021. The event was organized by the PES humanitarian activity committee (PES-HAC). Details of the Panelists and Moderator can be found below

Apart from the panelists, PES Day 2021 Chair Chaitali Naik provided the welcome speech and PES HAC Chair, Prof. Shaikh Fattah set the tone of the panel and expressed the support of IEEE PES-HAC for organizing the panel on such a timely topic.

The panelists have discussed the following points:

  1. Their brief career and what motivated them to volunteer their time to participate in Industry-academia collaboration to support SDGs or humanitarian activities.
  2. A growing number of the members are becoming increasingly dependent on PES related technology. As companies and organizations deploy these technologies to developing nations, they have shared some opportunities and challenges in this regard.
  3. They have mentioned the PES related projects they have worked on that leveraged technology to support SDGs and how such technology reshape people’s life and create impact.
  4. As they made an incredible difference in their workplace and globally, they highlighted how they have drawn a balance between their projects and what are the solutions to some of the challenges they faced.
  5. They have shared the ways they foster diversity and inclusion in their technical work, volunteer activities and ensure building inclusive volunteer programs that empower the community being served and develop PES membership.
  6. In addition to STEM training, they touched upon what skills, should aspiring innovators and entrepreneurs in PES industries be focusing on developing in order to strengthen the connections between STEM education and industry/business.
  7. The effective ways in terms of publications to equip people with skills in order to “think outside the box” to foster industry academia collaboration were also pointed out.
  8. Some of the future goals for more contribution to support SDGs were shared by the panelists so that younger volunteers can know about the time, talent, treasure, and commitment needed for it.

The moderator thanked the panelists, PES day team, and PES-HAC team for their outstanding support in organizing the panel. The panelists were recognized by a token of appreciation by the PES day team for their contribution.

The Facebook live video link of the whole panel can be found here.

The details of the event is available on the PES day website.

Celia Shahnaz
IEEE PES WiP R10 Representative