Editor’s Corner: June 2021

In the Voice of Governing Board Section, we are happy to present an informative article “New Weekly PES News Rollup” received from Dr. Julio Romero Agüero, IEEE PES Vice President, Membership and Image. In this article, a new strategy of PES on email and social media communication with members is presented. Here also the core areas that are focused in the weekly news rollup are pointed out.

We are very delighted to get an announcement from IEEE PES President Frank Lambert regarding the appointment of Tim Licitra as the 4th Executive Director of the IEEE PES. In this article, Frank presented a brief overview on Tim’s possible responsibilities as the PES Executive Director and described Tim Licitra’s past experience.

Next article contains a brief description of the PES Day events held throughout Region-2, which is reported by Dr. Xuan Wu, Representative, IEEE PES Region-2. In fact, there was a webinar series where we saw important topics covered by the respected speakers. The Vtool event links corresponding to the seven events held in Region-2 are provided for getting the further details of these events.

PES humanitarian activity committee (PES-HAC) conducted a panel session during the PES-Day 2021 involving three Vice-Presidents of the PES Governing Board. An article containing the brief description can be found in this issue.

PES student branch chapters are regularly organizing various effective events. We are presenting an article covering the details on the first RIPE: Research and Innovation in Power and Energy Summit. PES BUET SB chapter took the lead to organize the event along with other OUs. The summit hosted six respected speakers and 200 participants from 8 countries. PES SB chapter of University of Moratuwa along with other SB chapters reached over 3000 students in the rural areas of the whole country to inspire the young students (grade 6 to 13) in the field of technology. In the article titled “Gammeddata IEEE Api” you will get the full story.

We received some articles from different IEEE student branches (SB), PES chapters and PES SB chapters regarding the events organized during the PES Day 2021. In upcoming issues we will cover some of these events. If you have not yet submitted the article describing the PES-Day event, please submit the articles as early as possible. Instead of sending multiple reports on various events, I request you to send a consolidated article describing briefly those events.

I humbly request PES volunteers to submit articles in PES Enews containing a comprehensive description with relevant photographs (videos/links) of PES related activities/events/webinars/initiatives/achievements.

I wish you a safe life during this global crisis.

Shaikh Fattah, Ph.D. SMIEEE, FIEB
Professor, Department of EEE, BUET, Dhaka, Bangladesh
E-mail: enewsupdatepes@gmail.com; s.a.fattah@ieee.org