PES Day 2021: Webinar Series from UET Taxila SB Chapter, Pakistan

The Ambassador’s Team UET, Taxila organized a series of webinars during the PES Day 2021. The first webinar was held on April 4, 2021. The speaker was Miss. Ume Soolaim who discussed challenges in the energy sector due to usage of non-renewable energy resources and their solutions. The major renewable energy production ways were explained. Then clean tech trends of global market were also discussed.

Glimpses from the first webinar on energy revolution in Pakistan and world.

The next webinar was held on April 8, 2021. The speaker was Maha Kamal who discussed the accomplishments in the energy sector by the Government of Pakistan along with Pakistan’s energy road map. A discussion on The clean tech trends, short and long-term solutions of the global market were also discussed.

Second webinar on Pakistan Energy Policy and Future Aspects.

SBC UET Taxila in collaboration with IEEE CU Islamabad organized a webinar on “The Grid Resilience: An In-Depth Look” for IEEE PES Day’21 on the 9th of April 2021. The speaker Mr. Hicham Khireddine briefly covered technical aspects of grid resilience concerning AI, cyber security, and weather-effect with some real-world examples.

Glimpses from the event on Grid Resilience: An In-Depth Look.

A two-day workshop consisting of three presentations was held on April 9, 2021. Guest instructors Ms. Munazzah Jamal and Ms. Sumra Urooj introduced the Altium designer and its tools, different electronic circuit boards, and PCB. Hands-on practice on Altium Software for a Dual Power Supply Circuit and PCB designing was carried out.

Glimpses from Altium Workshop Series.

Next webinar was held on April 11. Speaker Muhammad Adeel Arif explained AI, data analytics, and machine learning and their use in in Smart Grids. The lecture was followed by discussion of case studies based on real life problems.

Glimpses from event on Artificial Intelligence in Smart Grids.

On April 18 another webinar was organized where the speaker Engr. Babar Abbas discussed conventional sources of energy, the importance of renewable sources of energy and how these sources can be used to overcome the depletion in the energy sector.

Glimpses from event on conventional sources of energy

IEEE CU Islamabad in collaboration with SBC UET Taxila organized a webinar April 23 where the instructor was Mr. Muhammad Arsalan. He demonstrated several E-Cad tools and Altium. He also shared the details regarding multilayer PCBs with complex high-speed digital, analog and mixed signal routing and stack-up designing.

Glimpses from Virtual Workshop on Altium Design.

Webinars were arranged by PES Day’21 Ambassador’s Team UET, Taxila in collaboration with different universities all over Pakistan. The speaker on April 24 2021 was Engr. Waqqar Shaikh who discussed design engineering applications and their comprehensive modelling procedure in ETAP software.

Glimpses from event on Electric Network Modelling using ETAP.

Next, on April 29 speaker Hira Wajahat Malik discussed the concept of energy chain and its requirements, and understanding the process of energy production, distribution, transmission and the key stakeholders

Glimpses from Talk on Energy Value Chain and Integrating Renewables in The Chain.

On April 30 speaker Mr. Zain Anwer Memon discussed several types of grids and their details along with their net-metering. The webinar also focused on Grid-Connected PVs, power conditioning unit, anti-islanding technology, grid plant protection, solar grid forecasting technology, and smart grid technology.

Glimpses from Webinar on Integration of Solar Power into Electricity Grid.

Before the webinar series team IEEE PES Day Pakistan organized an Ice Breaking Session for newly appointed ambassadors on 14th March 2021. It was a two-hour long session conducted by Chaitali Naik (Chair PES DAY 2021), Mercy Chelangat (Vice Chair PES DAY 2021), Waleed Bin Nasir (PES Day Pakistan Lead), Anandhu S. Kumar (PES Day Regional Coordinator) and Dr. Haroon Rashid (PES Day R10 (Asia) Lead).

Glimpses from the ice-breaking session

The Annual Volunteer Awards Ceremony 2020-21 was held on 9th April where Miss Hiba Yasir and Mr. Talha Tanveer, former Chair, PES SB Chapter UET Taxila were present. The Best Volunteer Awards were received by Mr. Moiz Ahmad and Mr. Muhammad Taimoor in SB; Sabahat Gul and Fizza Shoaib in WIE and Mohsin Javed and Azeem Ahmad in PES categories.

Compiled by:
Talha Tanveer
Chairperson, IEEE PES SBC UET Taxila