PES Day 2021: Webinar, Contest and Informative Session Organized by PES GECT SB Chapter

The PES GECT SB Chapter organized a webinar on ‘Modern Trends in Energy Neutral Buildings’ on April 28, 2021 using the Google Meet Platform. The main speaker was Mr. Ajay Thomas, CEO of Vatsaa Energy. The discussion was focused on the latest technological advancements and practices adopted in construction of green buildings and energy neutral buildings. During the webinar, attendees shared opinions, thoughts and suggestions from technical and commercial points of analysis. Navaneeth, a PES Day Ambassador, inaugurated the webinar. During the event, participants had the opportunity to analyze and understand the various innovations and improvisations adopted in construction of modern green and energy neutral buildings. Different topics like desensitized solar panels, energy conservation, micro wind turbines, AC load reduction in a building, technical and commercial aspects of site selection are also discussed. IEEE GECT SB and PES SBC members with Chair Yohan, PES SBC Chair Paul, and WIP representative Liya KK were present. There were approximately 90 participants.

Event poster: PES Day 2021 webinar

A glimpse of the event

‘Green Patch- A peek to the greener side’ was arranged on 21-23 April 2021 where technology based facts that drew the attention of inquisitive minds were posted on Instagram. Many new facts came up for discussion that were unknown by students and thus they really enjoyed it.

Event Poster: Green Patch

An innovative problem-solving contest ‘RESOLVE’ was organized through Instagram on 12-14 April 2021. Each day at 8 PM an Instagram story containing an issue faced by the world was posted and participants were given one hour time to send their innovative and creative ideas based on power and energy applications for the same. Mohammed Rishan NK was the winner.

Event Poster: RESOLVE

Paul B Kalarikkal
Government Engineering College, Thrissur
Kerala, India