PES-Day 2021 SB Chapter Update: Technical Seminar on Role of Technology in the Energy Sector: Paving Our Way to Clean Energy

IEEE BUBT SB in collaboration with IEEE COMSATS Islamabad and IEEE RUS (Rajarata University of Sri Lanka) SB organized an international panel discussion on April 7, 2021, as a part of the IEEE PES DAY celebrations 2021. The title of the event was “Role of Technology in the Energy Sector: Paving Our Way to Clean Energy” which consisted of numerous sessions focused on sustainable clean energy. The theme of the panel discussion was “Bold clean energy action is needed to stave off a climate hostile to human life”. The event was hosted via Google Meet.

A panel of stellar speakers shared their valuable experiences at the event. The speakers present were Dr. Kalyan K. Sen, Co-Founder/CTO of Sen Engineering Solutions, Inc and IEEE PES Distinguished Lecturer; Prof. Dr. Celia Shahnaz, SMIEEE, Professor of Department of EEE, BUET, Bangladesh, and Chair of IEEE Bangladesh Section and IEEE PES Women in Power R10 representative; Mr. Sanaullah Khan Jadoon, former chairperson of IEEE COMSATS PES Chapter and currently works at SDO Electrical at DHA Bahawalpur; Dr. Preethy V. Warrier, Siting Engineer at Vestas Wind Technology India Pvt. Ltd., Chennai. Ms. Chaltu Marta was the Moderator of the “Technology in the Energy Sector” panel discussion. She is currently working as a Technical Sales Engineer & Marketer for W. Giertsen Energy Solutions while also having served as Vice-Chair of IEEE WIE in Kenya and the Secretary of IEEE PES Kenya.

The primary aim of the event was to raise awareness about the technology currently revolutionizing clean energy and how people can contribute to this process. The event began with the moderator Ms. Chaltu Marta, welcoming everyone to the event and introducing all the speakers. The questions began with how electricity can be brought to areas that are deprived of it. Dr. Warrier briefly covered the technical challenges involved with getting to it. Dr. Sen discussed his experiences and various aspects of providing electricity to the more impoverished villages. He elaborated on the overall situation which later on, transitioned to a conversation about the inefficient electrical grid and some directives.

Following this, Dr. Shahnaz brought up a short presentation of her own, discussing the technical aspects of AI & machine learning in the energy industry. Dr. Warrier also added real-world examples based on her experiences, such as the sensors employed in remote areas to detect faults in power plants without visiting or calculating wind farm capacity with machine learning.

All the speakers then briefly discussed how the demand for such innovation had gone up since the Paris Climate Accord. Mr. Jadoon and Dr. Sen specifically covered how to strengthen the energy sectors in Asian countries and what they are doing.

The event proved to be a great success which empowered over 73 attendees consisting of students and experts. A great message to be shared by IEEE BUBT SB from the event would be a quote made by Dr. Sen: “act locally and think globally”.

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Md. Tabil Ahammed
Chairperson, IEEE BUBT Student Branch
Ambassador, IEEE PES DAY 2021