PES DL Updates: Prof. Edson da Costa Bortoni’s DL Organized by IEEE PES Perú

Prof. Dr. Edson da Costa Bortoni delivered the IEEE PES Distinguished Lecture on March 13th, 2021. The title of the talk was “Renewable power generation and energy storage systems” and it was organized by IEEE PES Perú Chapter. It was an international webinar where more than 808 participants around the world, in 98 countries and 535 cities joined. The participants consisted of professional practitioners who are well associated with new techniques and contributions of the renewable power generation and energy storage systems.

Prof. Dr. Bortoni obtained his Doctorate in Power systems from Escola Politécnica da USP, his M. Degree in Energy System Planning, and his Bachelor degree in Universidade Federal de Itajubá. Presently, he is Rector in the Universidade Federal de Itajubá, Brazil. He is a full professor and coordinator of several Scientific Research Projects for the Industry. Energy Systems design, development of Electric Machinery, Sensors, and Field-Testing Techniques are his scope of work. He is a recognized researcher from the Brazilian Research Council (CNPq) and the Minas Gerais State Research Council (FAPEMIG).

Renewable power generation and energy storage systems presented by Prof. Dr. Edson da Costa Bortoni

Participants from 98 countries and 535 cities around the world.

Dr. Bortoni is also the president of the Brazilian Energy Society (BES). He received several awards: “Gates of Jerusalem Medal” from the SEEEI – The Society of Electrical and Electronic Engineers of Israel; ‘The 2018 ISA Power Industry Division (POWID) Achievement Award’ and with IEEE PES, he was elected Distinguished Lecturer (DL) of PES IEEE in 2019. He was also elected Educator of the Year from the Hydropower Foundation, 2019, USA.

At the start of the third webinar of 2021, the participants were welcomed by Dr. Arias Velásquez, IEEE PES Perú Chapter Chair Dr. Mejía Lara, Vice-chair of IEEE PES Perú. Dr. Lara introduced the keynote speaker Prof. Dr. Bortoni to the participants.

Presentation being delivered by Dr. Bortoni

Prof. Bortoni introduced the different technologies and challenges in renewable power generation and traditional technologies and their limits. The energy generation from sustainable resources has shown astounding development worldwide. Besides, new factories in the power system network have been added without a proper increase of dispatchable sources. This fact contributes to possible system instability since the availability is dependent on intermittent renewable energy. In turn, “the use of energy storage systems (ESS) and renewable sources becomes indispensable for generation operation and control” [2]

During the webinar, Dr. Bortoni presented an analysis on different technologies associated with battery energy storage systems. BESS and charge controller composed of battery modules, battery monitoring system, with DC/DC converter as a charger controller to interface with the solar inverter DC bus, should be considered in PV applications [1].

Finally, Dr. Bortoni described the influence in the national electrical grid with the BESS and its impacts on renewable energy. The session concluded with a vote of thanks from Dr. Ricardo Arias Velásquez. All participants were also invited to the next virtual congress ‘2021 IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Latin America (ISGT-LA).’

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Ricardo Arias Velásquez, PhD. (SMIEEE)
IEEE PES PERU – Chapter Chair.