PES SB Chapter Update: Power Colloquium Organized by VCE SB Chapter

IEEE PES Student Branch Chapter of Vaagdevi College of Engineering (VCE) organized a virtual Power Colloquium on “sustainability for the future” during 16th and 17th January 2021. The event was supervised by B. Nagaraju, SB Chapter Advisor. More than 80 participants from different colleges were present at the event. Nine respected speakers shared their views: Sai Kumar Tara, Ajith Gopi, Cyiza Augustin, Staji Wilson, K S Saran, Abhinav Rajeev, John Benedict Boggala, Satya illa, and Anitha Mekwunye.

Main poster of Event, Power Colloquium

Ajith Gopi, Programme Officer, gave a presentation on “Can 100% Renewable energy power the world”. He explored the present utilization of Renewable Energy and also shared his views on its future usage. He gave a detailed explanation about solar energy utilization and transmission systems. He also gave real-time examples from his work of technical consultancy in Solar PV projects and Wind Energy programs and expressed the percentage of renewable energy that is being consumed presently.

The next speaker Cyiza Augustin, CEO and co-founder of 1000 Hills Honey Enterprise gave a presentation on “Entrepreneurship”. He started with his inspiring story of his start-up journey and how his idea turned into a successful company. He then gave a brief lecture about idea development. He also discussed about some of the strategies that can be implemented to achieve maximum reach in the market. At last, Cyiza cleared the queries of the participants and appreciated their interests.

The next speaker Tara Sai Kumar, Secretary/Treasurer of IEEE Educational society gave a presentation on “Career in Electrical Engineering”. He provided a piece of detailed information regarding the opportunities in electrical from all the sectors also gave some of the useful links which are helpful to the students from getting information about the Core related job opportunities.

Snap from the Career in Electrical engineering session

The next speaker K S Saran, Junior Engineer at Indian Railways gave a presentation on “Introduction of Smart Grids”. After his presentation, he moved on to the Structure of smart grids, and then he explained about the importance and advantages of smart grids. He also discussed in details about the difference between a smart grid and the present using grids system.

The next speaker Staji Wilson, Assistant Engineer at TCS, IEEE PES day India Lead 2020 gave a presentation on “Women in Power”. She appreciated the interest of the participants and addressed the role of women in power and the importance of women in the professional outlook.

A glimpse of the Event from PES Benefits and awards session

Satya Illa continued the event further. Mr. Illa is an incubation manager at Vardhaman College of Engineering and gave a presentation on “Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship in High Voltage Engineering”. He taught how to progress the idea of innovation to become a successful entrepreneur. He also discussed different fields in high Voltage Engineering.

The next speaker Anitha Mekwunye, a member of IEEE Smart village at Africa working group 2020 gave a presentation on “Smart Village”. She started by expressing her gratitude for the invitation and then shared her working experience in developing and designing smart villages. She motivated and remembered every individual as it’s her duty and suggested ways to bring a change in villages into smart villages.

The next speaker Abhijav Rajeev, associate software professional engineer at DXC technologies gave a presentation on “Solar Boats- Introduction and Significance”. He mainly explained the importance of solar power because the future is going to experience a clean and green energy revolution all over the world to avoid pollution from fuels. Then later he discussed construction, maintenance, and capital to be invested to build a boat.

The last speaker of the event was John Benedict Boggala, Manager at Amazon India, Chair for PES promotions and marketing committee. He gave a presentation on “Benefits of PES and awards”. He gave a clear explanation about all the events happening in IEEE PES at national and global level which helps in personal growth in the professional world and awards that provided for our volunteering. He also shared his volunteering experience and ended with a Q&A session.

Sairam Rangaraju