PES Committee Updates: IEEE Industry Technical Support Leadership Committee (ITS LC) Report

The IEEE Industry Technical Support Leadership Committee (ITS LC), consisting of diverse and global industry leaders, was formed a few years ago to:

  • Provide and coordinate support to and cooperation with the government, regulatory, and other industry organizations globally on technical issues related to power and energy topics.
  • Coordinate corporate engagement initiatives with global industry organizations (utilities, ISOs, vendors, and others).

The objective has been to follow the independent, peer review process, helping achieve coordinated and consistent communication and if needed, fast-track results. The process includes tapping on vast knowledge by IEEE members and various IEEE organizations (e.g., Technical Committees, Smart Grid, Smart Cities, Smart Village, Chapters, etc.).

The ITS LC works closely with IEEE Standards Association (SA), IEEE-USA, and other IEEE Societies on an as-needed basis.

The ITS LC has been cooperating with US NERC, FERC, DOE, Australian parliament delegation, European Public Policy Initiative committee, UN, etc. It has been facilitating the development of important documents, tutorials, and presentations. As shown in the report, 5 ITS LC-led documents are among Top-Ten Resource Center downloads, including the top two.

Recently, the ITS LC has also initiated and lead the implementation of the Corporate Engagement Program (CEP) to encourage member companies to support employees to join and participate in various IEEE initiatives. In return, IEEE offers training, engagement opportunities, and more. In addition to the present 6 members, there is interest by other global organizations to join CEP.

The ITS LC annual report describes the activities in more detail.

Dr. Damir Novosel
IEEE PES Industry Technical Support Leadership Committee Chair