Bikash Pal, PES Vice President Publications

We Harvested a Bumper Open Access Crop.

PES runs two Open Access publication policies and strategy of IEEE.

  • Have a dedicated section for the publication in the field of interest (FoI) of PES in IEEE Access (effective from August 2020)
    Papers submitted (801), accepted/published (140), acceptance rate: 17%
    We now have 20 editors (4 women)

In the past 12 months, we have 632 papers submitted, 132 papers published which has helped our publication revenue.

  • Have a society sponsored journal: IEEE Open Journal of Power and Energy (effective from January 2020)
  • Subs Stats
    • Number of papers submitted: 123
    • Accepted/published:  34 (26%)
    • Total number of AEs: 48
    • Median first decision time in days = 45 days
  • Article page length and additional page charge adjustment:
    1. Unlike other OA series, OAJPE has already generated a surplus in the first year
    2. In view of the increased number of pages after acceptance, it is decided to have a 10-page initial submission, max 12 pages for final acceptance
    3. Plans sponsors insist on one charge, so no additional page charge.
    4. Only one article processing charge $1350, no additional page charge

Update on Transactions

1.    Submission to all transactions is steadily growing (11% YoY)

2.    Acceptance to all trans are as follows with an overall growth of 12% in acceptance across

3.    The number of accepted papers and the acceptance (%) is between 15-25%

4.    Timeliness in our decision is also steady

5.    The first submission is being allowed up to 10- pages but anything beyond 8-page will have the existing extra page charge policy continued. This will help the authors to narrate their work as a complete piece of work, rather than including important formulation/results/case studies as supplementary materials which many of our reviewers do not pay their attention to.

6.    The acceptance rate hovers around 15-25%

7.    Editorial boards have more diversity (52 women (14%) 47 industries (13%), govt 31 lab (9%)

8.    Median Sub2Pub time is steadily dropping

9.    We have exceeded our net surplus from publications by 33% of our budgeted net surplus.

10.   This is invested in IEEE smart grid and PES scholarship plus initiative amongst others

Some Notable Features About PES Publications and Their Usage Trends

  1. Usage (HTML view +downloads) went up for PES pubs about a million in 2019 compared to 2018
  2. Revenue distribution algorithm now has higher weightage on usage than on content so it boosts the revenue from the publications.
  3. PES has not been publishing significantly more but focusing on quality – which is likely to sustain the usage counts.

Update on P&E Magazine

New magazine structure is put in place with Assistant Editor on the job. There is drop-in ad revenue in 2020, Cancellation of T&D 2020 did not help. We had a marketing strategy meeting with Naylor. Jenny Browne is our new PES marketing staff with several innovative ideas; with Steve as EIC and Jenny and Maria (Proetto), we are all set to do well.

Update on Electrification Magazine

  1. The magazine publication and marketing have had uplift under the leadership of the new steering committee and new EIC (Prof Lingling Fan). The scope has been changed to include more topical areas.   Following are a summary of statistics:
    • Articles published in 2020 so far: 31
    • AEs: 19 (3 women and 6 from industry)
    • Magazine webpage is being facelifted
  2. A group comprising of all partner societies (FS) VPs, Steering committee chair, Present EIC, past EIC, and a representation from EM marketing and sales team have met and set up a strategy in place which is executed by EIC and PES staff Randi with leadership from TSG chair and logistical supports from Maria. We believe this will deliver an enhanced readership experience and positive revenue.

Policy on Soliciting Paper from Industry in PES Transactions

  1. To encourage and proactively engage with industry colleagues for contributing a paper to transactions – the publication board decided to organize one special issue a year with a guest editorial board member from the industry. 4-5 abstracts for potential contribution from the industry at the approval stage of these special sections are solicited first to assess the feasibility/viability of SS with industry participation.  One call for paper request in TSG is likely to be announced soon.
  2. We will also run a training session and certification process of our AEs on how to handle papers from the industry.
  3. We are now organizing cross-society special issue/section papers encouraging EIC to be more careful on new special sections, rather cross societies/journals special sections are being discussed to be a good option in the near term.

Publication Open Forum PES GM2021:

There is a publication open forum event planned from 5:00 to 6:30 pm on Tuesday during the PESGM. Please look for the exact time when it is available on our society home page for PESGM21 which is online.  You can meet them virtually if you are registered for the conference.  As the world is winning over this pandemic gradually, we look forward to a higher level of sustained engagement from you in our peer-reviewed publications. We thank you again for your contribution to PES publications.