PES Members—PES Executive Director Pat Ryan’s untimely passing last year left a large hole in the PES organization. In October, a Search Committee composed of PES Governing Board members and IEEE Staff was formed. Al Rotz, past PES President, is chairing the volunteer committee. Mary-Ward Callan, Managing Director-Technical Activities, leads the staff and overall Committee and she is accountable for the final hiring decision. IEEE also enlisted the aid of an external search firm to aid the Committee in identifying and screening suitable candidates.

The Committee kicked off its efforts in November 2020 by reviewing and updating the job description for the PES Executive Director. Immediately thereafter, a solicitation of candidates internal and external to IEEE was conducted. While those interested candidates were being identified, the Committee developed a list of attributes that would be used to rate the candidates based on information provided in their applications and resumes.

The external search firm screened applications and the top tier of candidates was forwarded to the Committee. The Committee has been reviewing those applications, and will be identifying the candidates to be interviewed virtually.  Although virtual interviews are less than ideal, we have all learned to work in this COVID reality. This process could take 1-2 months before the final candidate is selected. We hope that the process will be completed by early April. As soon as we have confirmed a new Executive Director, you, our members, will be informed and the new Executive Director will be introduced to you.

We appreciate the patience of our members while this very important task is completed.

Al Rotz
Volunteer Chair—PES ED Search Committee
& Mary-Ward Callan, Staff Chair