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PES SB Chapter Update: Rajagiri School of Engineering and Technology (RSET)

The IEEE PES Student Branch (SB) Chapter of Rajagiri School of Engineering and Technology (RSET) was awarded 200 USD as part of the High Performing Student Branch Chapter (HPSBC) Program. The SB Chapter secured the 34th rank in Region 10 by the IEEE as part of the IEEE PES HPSBC Program. The ranking was based on criteria like the quantity and quality of events conducted, student participation and engagement levels, technical activities and webinars held to name a few.

The PES SB chapter was formed on the 26th January, 2020. From its very inception, our SB chapter has conducted plenty of technical events as well as educational webinars, earning its way to being awarded the 34th rank in the Asia Pacific region. Reports of every event we conducted had been submitted to the organisation shortly after their completion, and were used to evaluate the SB ranking.

The IEEE PES SB Chapter of RSET gained international recognition after being awarded the 34th position in the list of best IEEE PES SBC’s all over Region 10 of the IEEE. This was a turning point for our SB Chapter, raising morale for students to conduct even better events in the future.

Launch of IEEE and IEEE PES website of RSET

On 21st of November, the RSET IEEE SB launched their IEEE and IEEE PES website. The web-applications are available at

The IEEE SB RSET Website


A launching ceremony was held which was enriched by the presence of the Principal of RSET, Dr. P S Sreejith, the IEEE Branch counselor of RSET, Dr. Elizabeth Rita Samuel, the IEEE Chairman of RSET, Mr. Rohith Joseph Mathew, and other chapter advisors.

The design and development of both the IEEE as well as the IEEE PES website were done by the Secretary of RSET IEEE PES SBC, Mr. Ananthu T Mani. The session began with a welcoming note by Ms. Ann Rose Cherian, Chair of the RSET IEEE CS SBC, which was followed by talks from the Principal, Dr. Elizabeth, Mr. Rohith, and then from the IEEE PES chapter advisor Ms. Pratibha P. K. The Principal then inaugurated the website. After that, Mr. Ananthu T Mani took over and briefed the attendees through the websites and its features. The event was concluded with a thanking note from Mr. Rohith.

Poster for Launch of RSET IEEE website

Screenshot of RSET IEEE Website

With the launch of the RSET IEEE and the RSET IEEE PES website, the IEEE branch of RSET has stepped into the next level of socializing. All kinds of information regarding the branch can be found on the website. In addition to this, the students and other members can register for upcoming events through this website.

Launch of “The Power Factor” – RSET IEEE PES Blog

The RSET IEEE PES SB Chapter launched their Power and Energy blog website, “The Power Factor”. The web-application is available here.

This was an initiative taken up by our society to create a platform to promote and celebrate knowledge, to create a way to share everyone’s technical expertise while building a potentially valuable readership.

Screenshot of The Power Factor

The main objective behind starting the new blog website is to spread knowledge and awareness about the latest technologies in the power and energy sector amongst energy enthusiasts. The blog website provides access to technical materials and ideas from our best writers.

The blog saw an inflow of submissions from various professors and students giving the readers an insight into the latest technology that is driving the world towards a sustainable future.

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