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PES Distinguished Lecture by Professor Bikash Pal Organized by Italy Section PES Chapter

Professor Bikash Pal delivers IEEE Distinguished Lecture hosted by the Italy Section PES Chapter and presents the 2019 Chapter PhD Best Thesis Award. IEEE Italy Section PES Chapter organized the PES virtual Distinguished Lecture on 6th November 2020. The distinguished lecturer for this talk Professor Bikash Pal is a Professor at Imperial College London, an IEEE Fellow and Vice President of PES Publications. The title of the DL talk was “Dynamic Modeling for Analysis of Wind Farm and Grid Interaction”.

This webinar was conducted over Cisco Webex with a diverse background of attendees. More than 100 people registered for this event, and there were over 80 participants actively engaged, through the lecture, polling questions, and Q&A session.

Professor Bikash Pal delivering the lecture.

Our speaker gave a very insightful presentation on the reasons of instability issues that may arise when connecting big wind farms to the grid. In particular, he described a thorough study on the roots of the main oscillatory modes of such plants. Each mode was associated to a specific piece of equipment or control parameter, helping the understanding of the different effects that each component may have on the overall stability.

Award ceremony. From left to right: Prof. Samuele Grillo (Vice-Chair), Prof. Bikash Pal, Prof. Roberto Langella (Chair), Dr. Giuditta Pisano (Secretary), and Dr. Sandro Rubino.

At the end of the lecture, Professor Pal presented the 2019 Chapter PhD Best Thesis Award in Power Engineering to Dr. Sandro Rubino for his thesis on “High Performance Control Technique for Multiphase eDrives”. Dr. Rubino’s tutor is Professor Radu Bojoi, IEEE Fellow, with Politecnico di Torino (Italy).

Award ceremony. From top left corner clockwise: Prof. Roberto Langella (Chair), Prof. Samuele Grillo (Vice-Chair), Dr. Giuditta Pisano (Secretary), and Dr. Sandro Rubino (Award recipient).

Prof. Samuele Grillo
Politecnico di Milano