PES Distinguished Lecture (Online) Delivered by Professor Bikash Pal

Professor Bikash Pal delivers IEEE Distinguished Lecture (webinar) hosted by the University of Birmingham IEEE Student Branch

University of Birmingham IEEE Student Branch and IEEE PES UK and Ireland Section organized a PES Distinguished Lecture (webinar) on 25th August 2020. The distinguished lecturer for this talk was Professor Bikash Pal of Imperial College London, who is an IEEE Fellow and Vice President of PES Publications. The title of the talk was “Dynamic Estimation and Control of Power System”.

This webinar was conducted over Zoom with a diverse background of attendees. There were over 40 participants actively engaged with the entire webinar on Aug. 25th, through the lecture, polling questions, and Q&A session.

Professor Bikash Pal, delivering the webinar via zoom

Our speaker, Professor Bikash Pal, gave a very insightful presentation by conveying the importance of real-time estimation of system status in a world transitioning to low-carbon generation. The presentation focused on two main topics: 1) Dynamic state estimation and 2) Decentralized optimal control and demonstrated the operational and economic benefits from the proposed improvements. One such benefit was the substantial reduction in dynamic state estimation error using a robust approach. It was also emphasized that it is best to use both linear and non-linear control in a complementary manner.

Dynamic State Estimation Benefits presented at the Webinar

After the webinar, great feedback was received from the participants. The IEEE Student Branch from the University of Birmingham will continue to host events throughout the year to allow academics, students, and people from industry to benefit from a diverse range of speakers and topics.

Recorded video of the DL talk can be found here.

Brief Biography of the Speaker

Bikash Pal is Professor of Power Systems at Imperial College London. He is research active in power system stability, control and computation. His research is sponsored by EPSRC, National Grid, GE, ABB, UK Power Networks.  He is currently leading a six-university UK-China research consortium (2020-2023) in Sustainable Energy Networks. In the past he led an eight-university UK-India research consortium (2013-2017) on Smart Grid and Storage and a six-university UK-China research consortium (2014-2017) in Smart Grid and Control. His research group has received 2016 President Award for Outstanding Research. He is consultant to United Nations, GE, ALSTOM, National Grid, UK Power Networks. He has graduated 20 PhDs and published about 120 technical papers in IEEE Transactions and IET journals. He has co-authored four books and two award winning IEEE Task Force/Working Group reports.

As Vice President of Publication, Power and Energy Society (PES), of IEEE he sets and delivers plan to sustain the growth in quality, impact and annual revenue (currently about $5M) and also offers leadership as Governing Board member for the growth of the society. As IEEE Periodical committee member, he was part of team that approves new periodicals and reviews the performance of the current periodicals. He chaired an IEEE Working Group in state estimation for power distribution applications. Since 2008, as an IEEE Distinguished Lecturer he has been offering special lectures and tutorials in power system control and computation. He was Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy. He is Series Editor of Elesevier series on Sustainable Energies and Fellow of IEEE for his contribution to power system stability and control. He was Otto Monstead Internatonal Professor at Denmark Technical University (DTU) in 2019, and Mercator Professor at University of Duisburg-Essen in 2011 invited respectively by the Ottomonstead Foundation and German Research Foundation (DFG). He holds a Visiting Professorship at Tsinghua University, China.

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Daniel L. Donaldson
Chair, University of Birmingham IEEE Student Branch