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PES Webinar by Saifur Rahman: An Energy Internet Platform for Transactive Energy Applications

IEEE PES Past President Professor Saifur Rahman will be delivering a webinar on 22nd October 2020 at 9:00 AM ET. He is a Joseph Loring Professor at Virginia Tech and Director of Virginia Tech Advanced Research Institute. This is an IEEE PES LIVE Webinar Event and will be hosted at IEEE PES Resource Center. There will be 45 minutes of instruction followed by 15 minutes of Q&A. The event is completely FREE for IEEE PES members. There is an option for earning educational credit (CEUs/PDHs) with a very nominal fee.

About the Webinar: For over a century, the structure of the electric utility business has been a supplier-driven model with consumers receiving and paying for electricity without any participation in how the electricity is produced, transmitted, or delivered. However, advances in renewable energy technologies (e.g., PV panels), battery storage, smart devices, as well as financing models have given rise to prosumers – electricity consumers – who can produce energy from rooftop PV while also consuming from the grid. These prosumers are interested in monetizing the value of their investment/production whereas regular consumers desire cheaper electricity prices. A software platform, called the “Energy Internet” (EI) platform, has been developed which uses the blockchain technology to securely manage data, communications, and control of devices among different participants on a large scale. This structure allows the development and testing of a functioning energy internet platform for transactive energy applications.

For details about the registration of this event please this page. IEEE PES Webinar Series offers live talks on some demanding topics with an option for Q/A. To get the details about all upcoming and past webinars please visit the PES Resouce Center.