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PES SB Updates: Kongu Engineering College

To make this lockdown time as a beneficial one, IEEE student branch of Kongu Engineering College carried out various technical and non-technical events. The main motto of these events is to better utilization of students’ time during the locked down. Starting from the month of April, several effective webinars were arranged. The first one was on “Introduction to electric vehicles”. It was handled by K. S. Saran, a volunteer of PES Young Professionals, IEEE Kerala Section, and held on 13th April 2020. He presented emerging technologies in this field. Around 64 students participated in this webinar.

Next on 17th April a webinar on “Internet of things” was conducted by Ranjith Kumar, Managing Director at of Crystal Clear Technology and Innovation, Coimbatore. He covered some developing technologies along with an important software (Firebase) used for the application development in mobile apps. Around 76 students participated in this webinar. Another webinar on “What makes the human, a Humanitarian” was conducted on 10th May 2020. This session was handled by Mr. Eugene Kingsley, volunteer at IEEE Smart Village, Project Engineer, Wipro Technologies. He explained about the importance of developing personal skills and the causes which make the human a humanitarian. This session encourages students to support others in their crisis. Around 50 students participated in this webinar.

From 14-16th May, a webinar series on “Future ahead” was organized involving three speakers. The first webinar titled “Smart electricity-an IOT perspective” was conducted on 14th May 2020 by Dr. S. Albert Alexander, Raman Research Fellow, SMIEEE, Associative Professor, Kongu Engineering College. He made a detailed explanation about the technology of how electricity became smarter in our life using IoT. Nearly 167 students participated in this webinar. The next webinar on “IOT for Smart agriculture: challenges and opportunities” was conducted on 15th May 2020. The webinar was handled by Dr. Ferdin Joe John Joseph, Lecturer, Data Science and Analytics, Faculty of Information Technology, Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology, Bangkok. He gave an inspiring lecture about the uses of IoT in the field of agriculture and its challenges that every farmer faces to increase their yield at low cost. Around 167 students participated in this webinar. The last webinar on “Final year student project- challenges and opportunities” was conducted on 16th May 2020. This was carried out by Dr. Atif Iqbal, Professor of Qatar University, Doha and Vice Chair of IEEE Qatar Section. In this webinar, he clearly explained how to handle their project and what are the challenges present in it. Around 167 students participated in this webinar.

Everyone has a talent. What is rare is the courage to follow it through the dark place. Some non-technical events were also organized to create an opportunity for students to realize their skills and talents that are hidden in them. Events like poster designing, article writing contest, photography, slogan contest, E-quiz contest, drawing contest were organized. Each event had their unique theme, based on that theme students expressed their own views.

Dr. A. Sheela, Dr. S. Albert Alexander, and R. Sasikala were judges from Kongu Engineering College and Prem Shankar and Sathguru Kiruppa Selvi K were external experts.

Teenu Prasanth S
Logeshwaran D
PES day Ambassadors