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Editor’s Corner: September 2020

In the Voice of the Governing Board Section of IEEE PES Enews, we are honored to have an article from Dr. Jun Yu, IEEE PES Governing Board Member at Large. In this article, he discussed some key contributions from Chinese scholars and engineers for IEEE PES. He pointed out the advantages of the recently formed IEEE PES China Chapter Council (PCCC) connecting 9 chapters. Moreover, he presented the role of some newly formed technical committees in China (focusing on various major areas of PES) and the level of member engagement through these committees.

In the last month, August issue of IEEE PES Enews, we gladly published the news on the 2020 IEEE Eric Herz Outstanding Staff Member Award received by Patrick Ryan, the Executive Director of IEEE PES. It is a matter of great regret that this month we have to publish an obituary for him. Happiness and sorrows may go side by side but it is very difficult for me to bear this sad news right after describing a great achievement by Pat Ryan. The article in memoriam of Pat Ryan presents his few key contributions to PES. His early demise will cause an irreplaceable loss for IEEE PES.

We are happy to inform you about an upcoming IEEE PES LIVE Webinar event on a very demanding topic of “Energy Internet” by IEEE PES past President Professor Saifur Rahman, which will be available at the IEEE PES Resource Center. We are also pleased to share an article on a recent online distinguished lecture (DL) delivered by Dr. David Peelo on “Current Interruption in Atmospheric Air”. The speaker is a consultant and had been a switching specialist at BC Hydro for the last 28 years. The DL was organized by the PES Victorian Chapter along with the PES New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, and New Zealand North Chapters.

In this issue, we are covering exemplary news from IEEE UERJ Student Branch (SB). The members from the UERJ SB, through the IEEE Section Rio de Janeiro, were able to contribute to the repair of 12 mechanical ventilators at the Getúlio Vargas State Hospital (HEGV) in two months period during the COVID-19 pandemic. Special thanks to the IEEE volunteers for their contribution to the fight against COVID-19. We have covered updates from two PES society chapters and two more student branch chapters. I encourage PES chapters and student branch chapters to submit an article describing their major activities/ initiatives/events/achievements. Please try to send one comprehensive article with some photographs instead of sending multiple articles containing one event in each article.

I wish you stay safe during this global crisis.

Shaikh Fattah, Ph.D. SMIEEE, FIEB
Professor, Department of EEE, BUET, Dhaka, Bangladesh