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PES Day 2020 Update: PES UTC SB Chapter (Ecuador)

A webinar on “Electric market and optimization” was held on April 13th 2020. The speaker was Jose Manuel Hermoza. He is an electrical engineer from Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, with a master degree in electrical engineering oriented to management and regulation of electric markets from the Universidad Nacional del Callao, and a master degree in electrical engineering oriented to electric power system optimization from the Universidad Nacional de San Juan (Argentina). He has eight years of experience in the operation of the interconnection. Currently he is a specialist engineer in the department of transferences of the COES-SINAC.

The speaker delivered the webinar focusing electric market concepts, history and examples. An overview of optimization topics was also presented. The webinar gave the opportunity for all volunteers to get more information on this issue.

Fig. 1 Event Poster

The webinar was carried out whit the help and organization of the IEEE-UTC Student Branch at the Cotopaxi Technical University (Ecuador) and its IEEE-PES chapter. A two hour zoom session was held where all participants were introduced the electric market concepts. Among the participants there were UTC-IEEE members, IEEE Region -9 students and professional members.