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PES Day 2020 Update: Universidad de Costa Rica SB Chapter

Universidad de Costa Rica IEEE PES Student Branch Chapter along with Technologic de Costa Rica organized very effective online webinar series on PES Day 2020. The topics of the webinars were very demanding. The webinars were well received by the participants.

The first webinar was held on 21st April 2020. The webinar was conducted by Valeria Bermudez, Jose Ocampo and Adrian Hernandez who are the students of the Technologic Institute of Costa Rica. All of them are active participants of the CIDEM laboratory from that institute. The webinar was about the development of the marine power in Costa Rica.

The next webinar was held on 27 April. The speaker was Ing. Sofia Jimenez Monge. This webinar consisted of a small workshop to teach participants the basic concepts of using Revit program.


The third webinar was held on 28 April. The speaker was Juan Carlos Montero, IEEE Senior member, Vice President, Membership and Image of IEEE PES. He delivered a talk about the development and the exploitation of renewable energy in Costa Rica.

The speaker of the fourth webinar was Carlos Meza Benavides, PhD, Professors, Escuela de Electronica, TEC and the topic was related to power conversion equipment in case of PV. It was scheduled on 30 th April. The fifth webinar was scheduled on 4th May. The speakers of the fifth webinar were Ing. Gustavo Gomez Ramirez and Ing. Sebastian Mata Ortega, Professors, Escuela de Electromecanica, TEC. The topic was integration of electric mobility in the power system and effects on the grid.

María José Barquero Ramírez
PES DAY Ambassador