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Miriam P. Sanders, IEEE Division VII Director


IEEE – Your Professional Home

Having started in IEEE as a student many years ago, I have kept pretty much to the Power and Energy Society – my home society.  Making my way through technical activities with working groups, subcommittees, committees, and the PES Technical Council, I have concentrated mainly on the technical side of things – developing standards, technical papers, and the likes. But in 2019 that all changed, as you all elected me to be the Division VII Director.  PES is one of the three largest societies within IEEE, but there are many more areas to explore within IEEE.  I encourage you to do so.

IEEE offers more than just a monthly magazine. There are conferences that offer networking opportunities, educational materials for self-development, as well as technical meetings where I have spent most of my IEEE life, and research materials.  And easier ways to find all that as well.


Did you know that the IEEE launched a smart phone app last year?  Look for it in your phone’s store app.  It provides you access to IEEE news, events, and magazines. You can also connect with local IEEE members as well as members worldwide that share your interests. There is a series of IEEE Milestones every day. You can read how the IEEE has made a difference dating all the way back to the 1880s.  And if you are ever near one you can easily read up and visit the dedicated site.  There are new features being added all the time.  All in the palm of your hand. Check it out.

Membership Grades

How long have you been in industry?  Is it longer than 10 years? And have you demonstrated 5 years of significant performance?  Then you are eligible to apply for senior membership.  It is easy to do online.  If you hold an advanced degree, the time requirement is a less.  You first need to be an IEEE member, then you can apply anytime to be a senior.  You will need three references who are either Senior member, Fellow member, or Honorary member. You can easily find these references on the IEEE Collabratec page or within your local section or chapter. And if someone else nominates you – only two other references are required as your nominator is a reference. Your references do not need to know you personally either, you just must show the evidence on your application.  APPLY TODAY! It is so easy. And you can help evaluate new senior members.

Once you have attained the Senior member grade, you are eligible to be nominated to the Fellow grade.  This is the top grade of membership and recognizes unusual distinction in the profession. It recognizes the best of the best of our members for the impact that they have made for our industry as a whole.  It is conferred on only to a very small percentage of members, that is 0.1% of the IEEE voting membership in the preceding calendar year.  This percentage is across all the membership of IEEE, not based on society.  Self-nomination is not allowed, you must be nominated by another IEEE member, either a senior or fellow member. Obviously since this is such an honor to achieve this level, it is a bit more complex than the senior application. You can find out the details here. It requires that your nominator provide details on your contribution, impact, and evidence.  You may be nominated as an application engineer/practitioner, an educator, a research engineer/scientist, or technical leader.  Each category has its own significant requirements that allow the Fellows Committee to review and recommend to the Board of Director for elevation. With the form, your nominator will also identify references and endorsers that help support your nomination.  These are important as they give a wider view of evidence of your contribution and its impact. References should be in the specific field so that they can directly speak to your contribution, whereas endorsements can provide additional information supporting your technical accomplishments. Its important that these are used to support the nomination.

IEEE Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

One of our biggest disappointments this year is the cancellation of the IEEE PES T&D Expo Show.  This show unfortunately fell within that time frame that we did not know what the future held.  It was originally delayed, but as time has moved on, it was cancelled.  Hope to see all at the 2022 T&D in New Orleans.  Overall, as of June, 217 IEEE events have been moved to virtual format.  An enormous amount of engagement around the world has occurred with virtual events. Members have been able to participate that would have not had this opportunity.  IEEE Women in Engineering International Leadership Conference was a tremendous success, all virtual and with a screening of “Pioneers in Skirts”. IEEE is working on how to make these types of events financially sustainable.  We have made more educational activities available online as well.  IEEE Tech Talk, TryEngineering, and Educational Activities Distance Learning all have added virtual events and have had a total of over 10,000 participants as of the first part of July.

Our volunteers have been successful in remaining engaged with all the online opportunities, from board meetings to technical meetings and conferences.  With the change in our environment in these trying days, IEEE is being successful in the virtual engagement world.

The next year looks to be challenging for all, including IEEE as we navigate in, out and around the fallout from the global pandemic.  Hope everyone is staying safe and still able to engage in your activities, volunteer or otherwise. Welcome to the new normal.

Miriam P Sanders