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Editor’s Corner: July 2020

In the July issue of PES Enews, we are honored to have an article from Professor Vijay Vittal, FIEEE, Vice President Technical Activities in the Voice of the Governing Board Section. The article nicely describes the major activities of PES technical committees, such as their role in conferences, development of standards, and generating reports on technical topics. In this issue we are also honored to get the article from Professor Saifur Rahman, Immediate Past President of IEEE PES. He shared his experience about a need “to address our challenges through a sharp focus on the following which will ensure that IEEE becomes more global and more relevant to technology professionals worldwide”. He pointed out some unique factors, such as relevance, engagement, lifelong learning, and humanitarian aspects of technology. Right after July, we are going to experience for the first time virtual conference mode of IEEE PES General Meeting [03-06 August]. At a similar time frame we are also going to experience for the first time virtual mode of fourth IEEE PES Global Student Congress. An article briefly describing previous three congresses and some key information about the current congress is included in this issue.

In our regular section, we presented event updates from three PES Chapters: Malaysia, Nigeria and Chile and five PES student branch chapters from five different countries: ADIT, UFPB, NSU, Texas A&M and NTUA. We have received many articles from PES Student Brach Chapters. My kind request to PES Student Brach Chapter representatives to send one article describing some of your major events together instead of sending separately articles for each event.  If your article is not published in this issue, I appreciate your patience and you may also contact with me for the status of your article. Any article related to the COVID19 pandemic [relevant to PES areas] will be given the highest priority for publication. I` cordially invite you to submit articles, event reports, chapter history, significant achievements in PES Enews. I wish you stay safe during this global crisis.

Shaikh Fattah, Ph.D. SMIEEE, FIEB
Professor, Department of EEE & Director, Institute of Nuclear Power Engineering
BUET, Dhaka, Bangladesh