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PES Day 2020: Sri Sairam Engineering College SB Chapter, India

IEEE Women in Engineering- Opportunities, Benefits and Success Stories

This webinar was held on 16 May and was hosted by Sri Sairam Engineering College in association with IEEE PES SB Chapter and WIE on account of the IEE PES day activities 2020. The topic of the webinar is “IEEE Women in Engineering, its Opportunities, Benefits and Success Stories”. This webinar was presented by Ms. Lucia Pia Torres (Past Chair of IEEE WIE Argentina) who is working as an Electronic Engineer in Faculty of Exact Sciences and Technology of the Tucuman National University, Argentina.

After Introductory talk by members of Sri Sairam Engineering college Student Branch Chapter the event speaker presented the opportunities and benefits that are available in IEEE and IEEE WIE. During the webinar, participants had the opportunity to know about the services offered by the IEEE WIE. The speaker described her achievements and the volunteered experience in the past years.

Fig(1): Picture of the webinar detailing about conferences in IEEE WIE

Fig (2): Picture describing about the motto of the IEEE Societies

We had a global count of 100+ participants and equal number of male as well as female participants. All the participants got a lot of information about IEEE and the valuable Insights about IEEE Women in Engineering. It described how students and other people can help society in bringing women to make betterment in the society. The participants were provided with e-certificates.

The webinar was ended with the quotes that “It is small gestures that make the difference, altogether working in diverse teams and thinking about the future, we can achieve a better world”. This event was exclusively conducted to foster diverse leadership in supporting the career advancement, networking and education of women in both energy industry and other societies thereby building a safe future for our future generations.

Saravana Kumar. P
Subhashini. V
Nishanthini. S
PES DAY Ambassadors
IEEE PES SB Chapter of Sri Sairam Engineering College.

R. Azhagumurugan
PES day Ambassador
IEEE Madras section