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PES Day 2020: IEEE University of Puerto Rico SB Chapter

Green Light Project

“More Power to the Future”, for honor PES Day 2020 theme we presented a new green energy project for the first time at our university and raise awareness in the community about energy consumption and how we can reduce it. During the 2019-2020 academic year, the Power and Energy Society of the IEEE University of Puerto Rico Mayagüez, has been working on the “Luz Verde” Project. We present this activity through a virtual conference, the figure 2 represent the cover of the presentation. This conference had the objective of design and create different outdoor areas, powered by solar systems in the university campus, where students can charge their electronic equipment.

For PES Day activity, we also used our platform to educate and try to change the mistaken thoughts that renewable energy is not “efficient enough”.  Also, we discuss different types of renewable energy, warning about CO2 pollution on the planet, how to calculate your own energy consume and conscientized about the responsible used of energy.  We had great approval of the information provided and much enthusiasm from the people presented. We will soon expand our impact to the communities near the university campus and work on new initiatives to impact our community with renewable, clean, responsible, and safe energy.

Fig. 1. Image of the promotion flyer for the IEEE-PES day.

Fig. 2. Image of the cover page of our IEEE-PES day presentation.

Burgos, A., Cosme M., De Jesus, M., Flores C., Moscoso, J., Santiago J., Rivera J., Peña, T., Caraballo, M., Melendez, Juan., Sola, F., Cruz, D. “Proyecto Luz Verde: Concientización sobre placas solares para el pueblo,” unpublished.

Melody C. Cosme Morales
PES DAY Ambassadors