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PES Day 2020: BMS Institute of Technology SB Chapter of Bengaluru, India

The Webinar on AI Application in Electrical Power Industry and Career Opportunities was hosted by Mr. Shishir Shekhar on 28th April 2020, with a motive to give deeper insights about present-day technological advancements in the field of Power and Energy. The speaker holds a Master’s Degree in Business Management from Harvard University, USA, and a Master’s Degree in Electrical Power Engineering from Northeastern University, USA. With over a decade of engineering and management experience in the power and energy industry, he currently manages the worldwide Utilities and Energy business segment at MathWorks Inc. He is responsible for new business and market development initiatives, developing and executing business strategy to drive adoption and growth of MathWorks Inc Advanced Data Analytics, AI, Model-Based Design, Code Generation, Cloud, and Hardware Deployment products in power and energy industry.

In the webinar, the speaker discussed how smart machines and AI are changing the way of working in power and energy industries. His presentation includes real examples of AI, how it is important for future industries and how engineers can take advantage of existing technology and AI ideas to start automating and augmenting their own research and technology, the impact of AI in the power industries. A discussion was also held on how corona outbreak is going to affect power and energy industries.

The webinar was an interactive session and at the end of the session, a few queries posed by the participants were clarified. Nearly 44 participants attended the webinar on CISCO Webx and reaped its benefits. The coordinator of the event was Dr. Anjan Krishnamurthy.

Shubham Raheja
Chair, BMS Institute of Technology PES SB Chapter