PES Day 2020: PES Kenya Chapter and WiP Kenya – Renewable Energy Trends in Africa

Energy access is a global agenda under SDG 7 on affordable and clean energy. Countries across Africa are integrating renewable energy into the energy mix so as to address the growing demand with the increasing population. The energy access rate in Africa stands at 600 million people with no access as per the IEA report 2018. For this reason, a webinar was arranged on 24th April, 2020 during 2pm – 3 pm (EAT/GMT+3). The speaker was Ignatius Maranga, Quality Engineer – Strathmore Energy Research Centre. The number of participants in the webinar was 20.

Fig 1: A section of the 600KW solar panels at Strathmore University, Kenya

Fig 2: E-mobility cycle showcasing innovation around renewable energy in Kenya

The webinar aimed at identifying the opportunities in renewable energy with the aim of achieving increased access to clean and affordable energy. There are current off-grid and on-grid projects that have been implemented in Africa. Some of the projects include:

  • Noor Solar Complex – 510MW, Morocco
  • Solar Capital De Aar Project – 175MW, South Africa
  • Lake Turkana Wind Power Project – 310MW, Kenya
  • KenGen Geothermal Plants – 533MW, Kenya
  • Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam – 6000MW, Kenya
  • Gorge Farm AD Power Plant – 2.4MW, Kenya

Fig 3: Energy trends across Africa

Notable trends for renewable energy use include:

  • Innovative solutions for priority domestic uses (clean cooking and cold chain).
  • Processes and appliances for productive uses.
  • Smart grid (different scale) for off grid application.
  • Smart stand‐alone systems.
  • End‐of‐life and second‐life management and environmental impact of renewable energy components.

Sally Musonye
PES DAY 2020 Section Ambassador
IEEE Kenya Section